Council Comments

Dedicated LWers give of themselves for others

by David W. Sloan

Seal Beach Council Member, District 2


As we reflect on Thanksgiving Day and Hanukkah, I am grateful for the unselfish people in the world.

We think of Mother Teresa and other great people who have given of themselves freely. However we have wonderful dedicated people right here in Leisure World. John Vento, Esther Cummings and Jose Osuna volunteer their precious time by serving on city boards and commissions.

We are truly thankful for their service.

As Christmas Day is rapidly approaching, we see neighbors and friends hanging Christmas lights, volunteers in Santa suits, and advertising things people simply cannot do without.

I am looking with anticipation for the holiday season, and, of course, the annual Seal Beach Christmas parade on Dec. 6.

From my family to yours, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and successful and Happy New Year.


Letter to the Editor


After reading the piece on the globe as a symbol by GRF Director Carole Damoci, I decided to comment.

I have been thinking the same thing with a different request at the end. I came to Southern California in 1962, did a tour in the Army and came back in 1965. I, too, drove by this community daily for most of the years between 1965 and to the day I moved into Leisure World in 2013.

I would love to see our globe restored to its original installed state. I loved it as a model of the world with the top correctly painted and revolving slowly. It really defined this community as a place of quality and with very high standards.

In the years, as it continued to be downgraded to non-working, repainted colors that have no relevance to a real globe of our world, it now symbolizes a community that is progressing into a deteriorating state. It has that symbolism today to all that pass by.

It very sad that a community of this size and resources cannot maintain a great symbol of a very relevant community in Southern California.

If I had a vote I would surely restore funds to refurbish and maintain our symbol as we do for the other assets of Leisure World Seal Beach.

Larry L. Lowman Sr.

Mutual 14


Credits& Kudos

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Bob and Diane Corsaut of Mutual 6 thank Ariel Sanchez and Javier Gutierrez of the Maintenance Department for being efficient in installing their bathroom heater and two other members of the department for installing a water heater.


Social Service/Legal Liason’s Column

by Tiffany Munholland, MSW

Social Services

Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Recently a shareholder that I had met several months before came again to the Social Service Office with his neighbor. His neighbor needed some support and resources.

Together we met to discuss her concerns and decided on steps to ease her struggle.

However, I could see that it was the support she received from her neighbor that meant the most to her and would bring her through this time of struggle.

Time and time again this is what I experience in Leisure World: neighbors helping neighbors in countless ways.

Some share a home-cooked meal; some volunteer in one of the many clubs, boards and support services in Leisure World; some share a friendly hello, and some assist with errands.

All of these acts are important and make a difference in the life of both the neighbor who receives them and the neighbor who gives them.

This season consider how you will make a difference in the Leisure World community.




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