Focus on GAF column by Joyce Vlaic, Anna Derby LW contributors
One of the most frequently used and highly appreciated services of the Golden Age Foundation is its mobility aids program.
For more 30 years, the GAF has provided, at no cost, wheelchairs and walkers to Leisure World residents. Last year 1,500 residents were served.
The program is staffed by friends and neighbors, men and women who donate their time and talent to keep it thriving.
Bruce Humes, Mutual 15 resident, chairs the mobility aids program.
Bruce is involved in the Ys Service Club and First Christian Church.
Program co-chair Shirley Reimers, is a former member of the Golden Rain Foundation Board.
She serves her mutual as a director and helps at Redeemer Lutheran Church.
The mobility aids team includes 24 shareholders who carry out specific tasks essential to maintaing the loan system.
Dispatchers receive calls Monday through Friday and assign requests to the delivery
crew. Arrangements are made for time and date of delivery of the equipment requested. Instructions will be given.
Frank Shramek keeps 600 wheelchairs and 1,200 walkers in good running order. Only one item is loaned out at a time to insure the availability of equipment for others.
The GAF also provides wheelchairs to LW clubhouses and churches for emergencies.
The mobility aids program is limited to wheelchairs and walkers. Due to sanitizing concerns, GAF does not loan out or accept as donations bedside commodes or shower chairs.
The GAF does not loan out crutches or canes, which may be purchased through the Health Care Center.
To place an order for a wheelchair or walker, call 431-9589. Callers will be directed to speak clearly and slowly.
Include name, mutual, unit number, and phone number, and type of mobility aid needed.
The dispatcher will return your call.
The non-profit GAF was created in 1973 to benefit shareholders.
All services are provided by tax deductible donations and bequests from residents and friends.
All programs are totally staffed by your neighbors, who willingly contribute their time, talent and energy to benefit our residents.
For more information, to donate or to volunteer call 431-9589.

Letters to the Editor

I am writing this to correct information circulating on the Internet about the circumstances related to the July 13 accident involving my son Jerry Smith and his wife, Denise.
Contrary to an Internet post, they were not having a fight when the accident occurred. They were on their way to the Assembly of God Church, which was meeting that Sunday night in Clubhouse 1.
Jerry had a seizure as he was driving, and Denise grabbed the steering wheel to prevent the car from hitting another car. She over- corrected, and their car went into the flood control channel along Golden Rain Road.
Jerry was in the ICU at Long Beach Memorial until Aug. 6 and is now recuperating at Kendred Hospital in Westminster from extensive injuries. Denise was also seriously injured in the accident but is home now.
They are both recovering and desire your prayers and kind thoughts. I just wanted to set the record straight.
Darlene Dortch
Mutual 2
What a great article you wrote for the Aug. 7 issue explaining how much work and diligence goes into our newspaper delivery. This goes on a much larger scale out in the world but those are from paid union employees all the way down to kids on bikes.
Maybe ours are volunteer seniors. I’ve been behind the amphitheater stage and seen some of the stacks, marveling at the end result we get in efficiency.
I’m generous at Christmas with delivery workers but thanks for publicly crediting these people, they deserve applause.
Shirley Ranaldi
Mutual 2
The news of James Brady’s death is a reminder of the futility of the modem social movement termed “gun control.”
The on-going fiasco of gun control is testimony to the ignorance and downright foolishness of those pursuing it. Their problem is that they believe guns commit crimes against humanity when guns are merely inanimate objects used by questionable individuals.
The fact is that humans with defective mentalities and personalities are the culprits committing every instance of gun violence. The people who cooperate by relinquishing their firearms are our most trustworthy individuals. They are not the ones liable to commit crimes.
The bottom line is that guns are not responsible for any degree of violence.
It is a mentally defective person who poses a threat to others. He will never willingly surrender his guns. Being mentally and morally weak, he ignores and scoffs at all efforts to disarm him.
Why can’t those who spend so much time and energy persuading the public to surrender their firearms realize that only sane, morally sound and law-abiding individuals will comply?
It is the criminally minded person who will not. These isolated individuals are the ones who commit atrocities with firearms, and they are the ones who will never relinquish their weapons.
Patrick Coffee
Mutual 10
I’ve never seen a show quite as good as the New Cabaret Club event July 25 featuring LW talent. Everything was patriotically sparkling with gorgeous stage decorations and elaborate table settings. A mosaic of cultures was elegantly portrayed, with songs from different war eras (WWII, Korean, and Vietnam), including good dancing and comedy.
Quality is expected when going to a fancy musical or play outside Leisure World. But experiencing such talent with the singers and dancers who live on the street where you do creates an extra special enjoyment.
Host Steve Nichols smoothly guided the show, sang and played his trumpet. It was terrific. A variety of performers entertained a full house. They included Judy Duvall, Tina Schaffer, Lori Porter, Vicki Van Ert and Bette Fritz singing a show-stopper, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
Bert Carroll did a Beatles tribute on piano, and Tommy Williams sang “What is America to Me.”
I certainly look forward to another show.
Deanna Booher
Mutual 9
I truly enjoyed Debbie Reynolds’ performance in the Aphitheater. This got me to wondering, why do we have a moat?
Thanks for explaining a bit of history.
Mary Lois VanSooy
Mutual 1

(Editor’s note: The area in front of the stage is not a moat, but an orchestra pit. It resembled a moat in 1995, however, when the area was under 14 feet of water from heavy rains.)

Les Cohen’s Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

The California Commission on Aging (CCoA) reported that the 2015 White House Conference on Aging will coincide with the 50th anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid, the Older Americans Act (OOA) and the 80th anniversary of Social Security.
(An update on Congressional renewal of OAA (S-1562) with bipartisan support, has been voted out of the senate policy committee and awaits full Senate action - the House has not acted on similar legislation.)
This decennial event will be held to engage with stakeholders and individuals interested in aging issues. The event will be an opportunity to look ahead to the issues that will help shape the landscape for older Americans for the next decade.
Issues that will be addressed at the event include, but are not limited to:
• Retirement security: Financial security in retirement provides peace of mind for older Americans, but requires attention during their working lives to ensure that they are well-prepared for retirement.
• Healthy aging: As medical advances progress, the opportunities for seniors to maintain their health and vitality should progress.
• Long-term services and supports:Seniors overwhelmingly prefer to remain independent as they age. They need supports to do so, including a caregiving network and well-supported workforce.
• The Elder Justice Act: Enacted as part of the Affordable Care Act, and people need to realize its vision of protecting seniors from scam artists and others seeking to take advantage of them.
According to the CCoA, White House officials intend to use new technology, agencies regional offices, partners, and other strategies to engage directly with older Americans and stakeholders on these and many other issues.

Setting It Straight

Anne Willbanks was incorrectly identified as Anne Williams in a Whirlers Square Dance photo in the July 24 edition of the Golden Rain News.