Classified Notice to Readers
• Publication of advertisements in the LW News does not indicate an endorsement of any advertiser.
• Readers are responsible for verifying claims, licenses, references, etc.
• California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor and materials) be licensed by Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license number on all advertising.
• Any advertiser not including a contractor’s license number can be assumed not to be a licensed contractor and should not perform jobs costing in excess of $500. Verify license numbers and scope of work a contractor is licensed by calling 1-800-321-2752 or at
• Before signing any contract or beginning any work, contractors should check with the LW Physical Property Dept. for a complete list of requirements.
• Advertisers soliciting to do business in Leisure World must include their Seal Beach Business License numbers or other state license numbers in their ads.
• The News will not knowingly publish any advertisement it deems to be untruthful or misleading. Complaints regarding an advertiser must be in writing and signed to be considered.


General Announcements

Lenora Browning, LW resident. Phone (562) 493-5457. Seal Beach Business License #BRN0001.


RayBan sunglasses in garage area 142 near Building 145 on sidewalk in Mutual 12. Claim at Los & Found, Clubhouse 5, Recreation Department.

Free flowers, roses, camellias & more
Free rabbit fencing. You remove them and they’re yours. Call Nancy (562) 594-4341.
Female 4 year old cat needs a good forever home. Saved from shelter on its last day. Sweet lap cat, but rescuer has several already. Please call Chris (949) 251-5751.
FREE: vinyl horizontal blinds, 2 sets and hardware. Mutual 3, 13793 Alderwood Lane, #23-B, Mutual 3,


CALL ME If you live in LW and have an under the sink water filter, I need telephone number of the plumber/contractors that installed it. Leave message. (562)799-1220.

Home Improvement


PENA CONSTRUCTION. Ruben PENA. General Contractor. State Contractor’s License #336991. (562) 430-4216. Room Additions, etc.
J.C.KRESS CONSTRUCTION, INC. Free estimates/design by LW resident. All improvements - room additions. State Contractor’s License #525989. Call us: (562) 430-9380.
JOHN M. BERGKVIST General Building Contractor, State Contractor’s License #638079. Everything from skylights to remodels and room additions. (562) 433-3052.
Additions & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Windows, Tile & Stonework. State Contractor’s
License #393071. OGAN CONSTRUCTION, INC. (562) 596-7757.
(562) 596-0559

Fixer-upper interior renovations, custom upgrades. Pantries, closets , existing counter tops & cabinets redone to look different, mouldings; floor/window coverings; painting. Contractor’s License #723262.
(562) 596-0559

Serving Leisure World exclusively for over 30 years. Wardrobe closets redesigned, roll out drawers for kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Call for appointment (562) 598-4552 or (949) 378-0616, or go on line at Seal Beach Business License #MER0001.

Gardening Service

Complete maintenance and landscape. Serving Leisure World since 1978. Planting, clean-ups, fertilization. New lawns, etc. Offering my services to all Mutuals. Honest and reliable. State Contractor’s License #779462. Call (562) 863-7739, 743-3832 or (714) 527-1172.
Landscaping-plants, lawns, trees, etc. Maintenance of lawns and flower beds. Available for all residential and Mutual projects.
Joe (562) 650-1511
Jesse (562) 219-0374
State Contractor’s License#79003

Carpet & Flooring

(562) 596-0559
Floor coverings-linoleum, laminate, carpet and tile. 30 years in LW. Contractor’s License #723262.

(562) 596-0559

Handyman Service

Call (562) 596-1337 for work to be done. Call returned Monday through Friday, after 5 p.m. No job too small.
Heat pump filters cleaned; clean lint from dryers; vacuum light wells; dead bolt locks installed; entry locks installed; glass door locks and rollers installed; windows and screens washed; skylights washed and repaired, also new domes; hang pictures and mirrors; phone work done; new doorbells installed and repaired. Repair lamps. Seal Beach Business License #JIM0001.
Ted & Jeri Nowell, on vacation
Painting and Carpentry. Masonry and Tile. Call (562) 596-6013 for appointment. Calls returned daily. Skylights cleaned, repaired, domes replaced. Fiberglass or Hardi Backer paneling board installed on patio block walls. Seal Beach Business License #GAR0005.
(562) 596-0559
Fixer-uppers, renovations, custom upgrades. Crown molding, baseboards, counter tops, redone to look new, but different, interior painting, closets, pantries redesigned, exterior window frames painted white. Contractor’s License #723262
(562) 596-0559
Handyman Rick. Painting, carpentry, TV wall mounts, gates, clean AC filters, ovens, windows. (562) 598-1000. Seal Beach Business License #RIL0001.
Richard’s Handyman Service. Skylights repair wash/wax, car detail, windows, storage & shelfs Big or small - Seal Beach Business License #HUG0002. Call (562) 387-5187.


BEL-RICH PAINTING: Free estimates, small/large jobs. Contractor’s License #705131. (714) 220-9702; 1-800-618-2220.
(562) 596-0559
Interiors, cabinets. Entry doors, cabinets refinished or painted, new baseboards, crown moulding. References for every street in LW, 35 years in LW. Contractor’s License #723262.
(562) 596-0559
Blue Sky Painting & Construction
Guaranteed work, Insurance, State General Building B and Painting License #632956. (562) 822-5632.
Miller Painting Company, free estimates, all work guaranteed.(714) 600-4437. Contractor’s License #725681.

Service, Installation

LEISURE WORLD SCREEN SERVICE. Ted and Jeri Nowell, on vacation.
PROFESSIONAL MOBILE SCREEN SERVICE New screens, re-screening, screen doors, retractable screens, new and repair. Since 1988. Call today. (562) 493-8720. State Contractors License #578194.

Cleaning & Repair

Skylights washed, lubr icated, repair and new domes replaced by JIMMY’S HANDYMAN. Call for appointment. (562) 596-1337. Seal Beach Business License #JIM0001.
Skylights cleaned and repaired. Ted
and Jeri Nowell on vacation


Call Ray! Time to replace foam cushions! Homes, boats. Call Ray! (562) 434-6259.

Wallpaper Removal
& Installation

Darrell’s Wallpaper Hanging and Removal. Free estimates. State Contractor’s License #741588. (714) 255-9568.

Window Coverings
Sales & Installation

Coast Factory Blinds
Shutters, Verticals, Wood Blinds, Pleated Shades, all at wholesale prices. Serving LW for 20 years. We don’t just make blinds, we make friends. Free estimates. State Contractor’s License #660872. (562) 493-4228
(562) 596-0559

Blinds, shutters, drapes, sheers, valances. 35 years serving Leisure World. Contractor’s License #723262.
(562) 596-0559

Service Directory

Barber Services

Men’s Barber $10. Shear & clipper cuts, including, not limited to all facial hair, ears, nose, eyebrows. LW resident. License #3142-B. Cell (562) 206-3518, Home# (562) 430-1431.

Beauty Services

Get your hair care needs met in the relaxing atmosphere of your own home. Cuts-Perms-Color. Serving LW for 36 years. Mel (562) 431-4827; cell: (562) 480-9341. License #KC75538.
Coni’s Mobile Hair
Home Service, 31 years. Cosmetology License #KK39075. Cell (714) 315-5363. Seal Beach Business License #LIB0003

$99 Special! Eyebrows!
License Esthetician #Z103890. Worked with Medical Doctor since 2000. Free consultation. LW Resident.
(904) 716-9933 or (562) 810-6454
Yvonne Morales is Back!
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at Phenix Salon, Suite 118 (near Dollar Tree). 9:00-5:00. Call for appointment (714) 855 -8465.
Hair Care By Cathy
In your home. Men or Women. LW resident. (562) 296-8188.
Home Hair Care Plus. Same day appointments welcomed. Beatriz (909)545-5037. License # KK380602


Are you feeling frustrated with your computer? I will come to you. Lessons, viruses, setup new computers, printers, Internet, wireless, Apple, cameras, photos. Tina Schaffer, (562) 755-6199. Seal Beach Business License #CIP0001.
Lessons on all Tablets, Phones, Computers. Virus Removal. Wireless Setup. John, L.W. Resident. (562) 733-9193. #CA510324.

Free Services

LW residents and noncommercial LW organizations may place ads offering free services to other LWers at no cost under the “Free Services” headings.
Y’s Service Club of the YMCA will assist residents with small non-professional jobs. We change light bulbs, clean air conditioner filters, hang a small picture or mirror, remove or place items on a high shelf, air bicycle tires, etc. Donations gladly accepted. Call week days between 8 am and 5 pm, (562) 296-8162 or (562) 446-0461 for the month.
Does your walker need new tennis balls? Delivery and installation provided. Please give your name and phone number. Maria Giegerich (562) 596-9983.
Keep LW Rolling!
No charge bicycle repair - you pay for parts only. If I can’t fix it, I will take it to a local bike shop of your choice for free. Rich (562) 537-1185.

Home Care & Personal Assistants

Readers are urged to ask advertisers for references; call those references; and to verify advertisers’ business license numbers by calling Seal Beach City Hall, 431-2527.
Nancy’s LW Personal Assistants offers a discounted rate to LW residents. Employees are bonded and insured by a nationwide in-home care agency. Clutter Tech, Lauralyn, is available independently. Call (562) 596-2019. Seal Beach Business License #GRU0001.
CHRISTIAN HOME HEALTH Services. Experienced, knowledgeable caregivers, honest, assertive, fluent English. Hourly/full-time, doctor’s appointments, errands. Bernadine (562) 310-0280. Seal Beach Business License #BCS0002. Bonded/insured.
Bright Watch Caregivers
Exceptional affordable home care. Bonded. (714) 841 (CARE) -2273.
Seal Beach Business License #BRC0002.
Experienced caregiver, dependable, hardworking, honest, male, female, will work hourly or live in. Doctors appointments, marketing, light housekeeping. Call Heidi (562) 277-3650 cell/(562) 531-4423. Seal Beach Business License #HYC0001.
Senior Care
Experienced caregivers. Cooking, cleaning, medications, companions, doctor’s. Experience with dementia. Gloria (562) 621-5185. Seal Beach Business License RAZ0002.
(562) 230-4648
All types and levels of patient care. Meals, appointments, bathing, medications, shopping, laundry, physical therapy assistance, etc. 15 years in LW. Seal Beach Business license #CAM0002.
(562) 230-4648
LIFE CARE SERVICES INC. We provide in home care. Live in or hourly. Office - 10911 Cherry St, Suite 201, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 (562)431-8700 or (949)338-6884. Caregivers screened, bonded and insured. Seal Beach Business license LIF0005.
Caregiver’s Services, highly experienced, honest and reliable work. Hourly, live-in nights/weekends. Call Nellie (562)397-5780 or (562)810-5858. Seal Beach Business License # MALIC.
(562) 375-0046
Personal care, meal preparation, transportation, light cleaning and errand service. Providing great non-medical services. Seal Beach Business License # CAR0017.
AMERICAN SENIOR CARE We provide in home care services. Live in or hourly. (714) 261-1516. Seal Beach Business License #AMC0010.
Need Caring Caregiver?
Meal preparation, baths, shopping, laundry, doctors. Pierre’s Caring Heart (714) 337-6152. Seal Beach Business License RAZ0002.
Experienced caregiver, dependable, hardworking female, willing to help you in your daily activities; meals, doctors, shopping, etc. 13 years experience. Call Maria (714)376-2010. Seal Beach Business License VER0002.
Experienced resident caregiver/ assistant, miscellaneous chores. Seal Beach Business License #MCL0001. (562) 431-5622.
LW resident caregiver, health and nutrition background, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, doctors, all other needs. References. Debbie (562) 596-4889. Seal Beach Business License #DLS0001.
Danny’s Services; (562) 253-3312; Driving, errands, appointments, event chaperone, home theater help, extras. Seal Beach Business License SAL0006
Carmen Cares!
Compassionate and sensitive non-medical experienced caregiver. Personal care, light housekeeping, laundry, run errands, transportation, cooking. Hourly. (562) 287-9349, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Seal Beach Business License #CAR0011.
Marlene’s Personal Services: Need a companion? Need a ride? Help with errands? Doctor, airport, shopping, meals, movies, etc. Call me (562) 596-0775. Seal Beach Business License #MEH0001.
Experienced caregiver, worked at Leisure World Seal Beach 4 years. Full time/Part time. Seal Beach Business License MEP0001 (714)495-9299.
Experienced caregiver Leisure World references. $10.00 per hour. Maria Lopez (562) 235-6743. Seal Beach Business License LOP0004.

House Cleaning

Patricia Housecleaning - weekly, biweekly or monthly, excellent references in LW. Call (562) 397-4659. Seal Beach Business License #LUC0001.
----------------------------------------TONY DO’S MAINTENANCE
LW resident. Window washing, carpet cleaning, general house cleaning, vacancies (complete cleaning for resale) Reasonable prices. Excellent work.
Call Tony Do (714) 534-1824, evenings. Seal Beach Business License #TON0002.
Cathy’s House Cleaning - References. (714) 292-4913. Seal Beach Business License #GAR0005.
Phil cleans windows, walls, move-in, move-out, etc. 30 years experience. Seal Beach Business License #ABL0001. (562) 438-1492.
Allen Williams Housecleaning and Windows. (562) 884-0671. References. Seal Beach Business License: #WIL0004.
Magaly’s Cleaning Service. We make your home sparkle! 7 days - call anytime! Complete cleaning. Discount for regular customers. Seal Beach Business License S&M0001 (562) 505-1613.
General housecleaning. Excellent references. We do windows! (562) 307-3861. Seal Beach Business License #GRAC0006.

Moving & Storage

Your moving service, any size job. (310) 387-2618. Calif Carrier #0263644.
J&D Haul away and cleanup service. No job too small, fast reliable, great prices. Seal Beach Business License #BRA0002. (562) 841-3787.

Notary Services

Notary, Edith Hampton, here in L.W. (562) 626-8157.

Pet Services

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
Debbie De Grazie, LW resident, will come to your home. No overnight stays. Seal Beach Business License #DEG0002. (562) 296-3393.

LW resident serving our pets since 2003, day, overnight and vacations. Dogs and cats. Excellent references. Adrienne (562) 431-8156. Seal Beach Business License APS0001.


Need a Ride?
Irene handles all transportation needs. (562) 431-3679. Seal Beach Business License #NEE0001.



Boat, motorcycle, truck - running or not. We are local - call anytime! We pay cash and remove promptly! We do DMV and Release of liability for you! Bonded/Licensed since 1985! Call us so we can come out and give you a quote.
Local call: (562) 684-0901

For Sale

1983 Mercedes Benz SL 350. Hard top and soft top. Runs good and looks good. Fun to drive and good transportation. $5,250. (310)213-3744. Leisure World resident. No dents or rust!

Electric Cars/Scooters/
Mobile Chairs
For Sale

Electric Golf Cars, Sales, Parts, Service (714) 292-9124.

Carport Sale

• In accordance with GRF Policy and Mutual Regulations, n o non-resident shopper will be allowed through the Main Gate without having been appropriately authorized as a guest by the estate sale holder.
• All advertising offering to purchase entire households of goods and furniture (estates) or offering to conduct estate or patio sales for the owner or heir(s), and all advertising announcing such sales, shall contain the name, address and telephone number of the person or business soliciting such purchases or conducting such sales. All advertising for estate or patio sales conducted by the owner or heir(s) shall contain the words “by owner” or “by heir(s).”
Swap Meet - Saturday, August 23rd at the RV Club lot, 13599 El Dorado Dr. Hours 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. Parking at Club House 2 parking lot, with entry to RV Club Lot’s south entrance at rear of parking lot. Buyers, find that treasure, from over 30 sellers. RV camping gear, fishing gear, tools, Christmas decorations, furniture, new household items.
Patio Sale - 1551 Homewood Rd, M-5, # 113-J. Friday, August 22nd, 9 am - 1 pm. Mid century modern full size bedroom set, upholstered sofa & chair, lamps, small solid wood dining table with 2 chairs, office chairs. Patio set & patio dining table with 4 chairs. TV, solid wood corner TV stand, microwave, pots, plants, books and more. By owner.
Carport Sale - Mutual 4, #59, corner of Oakmont and El Dorado Drive. Thursday, August 21st 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. By owner. (562) 715-7919.
Patio Sale. Thursday Only, August 21st, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., Mutual 12, 13330 St. Andrew’s Drive, #67-H. Panasonic microwave over, icebox, collectible teapot, china, piano cover, Christmas items, picture frames, knickknacks. By owner.
Moving Sale. 1664 Thunderbird Drive #17H/I, Mutual 2, Friday, August 22nd, noon - 5 p.m., Saturday, August 23rd, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Hide-a-bed, king size bed, table lamps. Large electric scooter, $300. Shoes 6 1/2, Women’s petite small clothes. Miscellaneous. By owners. (562) 596-1264.

Estate Sale - 1261 Knollwood Rd, Mutual 4, # 45 H. Thursday, August 21, and Friday, August 22, 9 am - 2 pm. Another lovely home full of treasures. Contemporary sofa and love seat, cherry coffee/end tables, floral 5 X 7 rug. Beautiful cherry dining set (6 chairs), buffet, and nesting tables. Roomba, library stairs, keyboard (music) table, trundle bed, desk, white 9 cubby cabinet, cherry bedroom set, full size bed, mink jacket, ladies clothing (M), shoes (8), great costume jewelry, home decor items, ladies golf bag/clubs, fans step-stools, outdoor storage bench, hardware/tools, and tons of stuff! Estate Sales by Docia Drake, (714) 514-8232, P.O. Box 427, Seal Beach business License ESD0001.

Miscellaneous For Sale

New woman’s 3X swim suit, Turquoise floral no tags. $30.
Ladies’ Trek 820 mountain track bike. Excellent condition. $100/best offer. (347) 251-2823.
Jack Lalanne Juicer $70. Smoothie Juicer $30. Michelle (562) 596-0865.
Two wheel electric folding bike, great for LW, an RV or a student. Comes with a charger, safety lock, new helmet and folding instructions. Will fit into a car’s trunk. $450. Call Joe at (714) 474-6204.
3-drawer dresser, real wood. Good condition, but needs new varnish. $50 or best offer. Trevor (562) 594-4524.
In very good condition. It has seven pieces. It is 100” long and 74” high. Call Sally (562)596-1432.
‘Townie 3’ Men’s bike 3-speed Electra - 3 crimson metallic. Black rear rack with bag, wide seat and helmet. Great condition $275. (714) 907-2525.
‘Pedego’ electric bike, excellent condition $975 (562)598-8526.

Want to Buy

Smith corona typewriter, model SL 575 with spell right, dictionary that uses erase tape. Leave message (562) 799-1220.

Real Estate

Non Leisure World Real Estate Wanted

We buy houses, any condition, cash fast!!! (714) 660-3000.

Carports/Lockers Wanted

Wanted carport locker. Will pay top dollar. (562) 240-5391.

Leisure World Apartments - Want to Buy

$65,000 CASH! AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PURCHASE OF A UNIT IN LW! I am looking for a home for myself. I am not a realtor or investor. If you no longer want to pay association dues and want to sell, please call (310) 971-8776.