Focus on GAF by Joyce Vlacic and Anna Derby For the Golden Rain News
The Golden Age Foundation and President Maureen Habel welcomed new officers at a recent meeting.
Maureen, a board member for the Planning for Emergency Preparedness, chaired the GAF-sponsored flu clinic and served the GAF as vice president.
GAF Vice President Carole Damoci is also vice president on Mutual 12’s board. She initiated the purchase of 200 red flags that were installed on scooters by the Ys Service Club, the Rolling Thunder Golf Cart Club and individual shareholders. She holds membership on the GAF and GRF boards.
Recording secretary Carol Piepenburg, a 12-year GAF board member has coordinated the annual flu clinic and creates themes for special events.
Lynn Lieder returns as corresponding secretary. She is a secretary for Faith Christian Assembly Church and treasurer for Assembly of God Church. Her GAF duties include acknowledging donations.
GAF Treasurer Mary Wood is Mutual 6 president and treasurer of the Garden Club and Scrap Book Club.
The GAF begins its 41st year as a nonprofit organization, dedicated to serving the special needs of Leisure World residents.
Donations, wills and bequests, in most cases, are tax-deductible.

Letter to the Editor

Pat Coffee’s Letter to the Editor (The News, Aug. 14) stated …”gun control is testimony to the ignorance and downright foolishness of pursuing it.
It’s wrong to believe that guns are not the problem. If there were no guns then there would not be any gun deaths or injuries, but we know that the politically powerful gun lobbies will never let that happen.
CNN commentator and legal analyst Mel Robbins was right on the mark when he recently wrote that the police “need training and the discretion to ask about and remove guns from any household where there is a domestic dispute, a call for a ‘well-being check,’ or a person who exhibits violent or unstable behavior. They also need a mental health professional on call for such checks.”
Robbins also points out the Connecticut, Indiana and, yes, even Texas have firearms seizure statutes aimed at dangerous persons.
Laws like these enable the police to temporarily remove guns from someone who is exhibiting dangerous behavior until a judge can make a final determination on fitness for gun ownership based on evidence presented at a hearing.
Ron Nett
Mutual 8

Les Cohen’s Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/OC Ombudsman

Legislation Update: With an Aug. 15 deadline for fiscal committees to report bills to the floor, state senate and assembly appropriations committees churned through lengthy suspense files last week. The Senate had more than 300 items to get through, while the Assembly had 150 on its dockets.
A new law in California (SB 493) was enacted into last session and became effective this year. It expanded the scope of pharmacy practices within the state to improve patient access to care.
The bill also created a new class of providers known as advanced practice pharmacists who, according to the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) will be able to do the following:
• Perform patient assessments
• Order and interpret drug therapy-related laboratory tests
• Refer patients to other providers
• Initiate, adjust, and discontinue meds under physician protocol.
• Work with other health care providers to evaluate and manage patients’ health issues
• The law aims to address a growing shortage in primary care providers that is projected to increase with the expansion of the state’s Medi-Cal program under the Affordable Care Act.
• The NCPA stated “as aging patients increasingly rely on multiple prescription drugs to manage chronic ailments, it is more important than ever that they have a trusted resource with specialized knowledge who can help to optimize their medication therapy outcome.”
SB-profile measure, has been approved by the legislature and is on its way to an expected signature by Gov. Brown. The say that cell phones sold in California will come with anti-theft technology pre-installed and activated. It was one of the most intensely lobbied bills this year. At the end, the major cell phone manufacturers such as Apple and Microsoft removed their opposition. To gain final approval by the senate, the author promised to extend the effective date to July 1, 2015.