PEOPLE Sunshine Club
Social Security will be topic tomorrow
Janice Laine, Mutual 2 director, will be the guest speaker at the Sunshine Club tomorrow, March 14, to share her expertise on Social Security benefits. Her specialty is Social Security disability.
Janice has worked in a law office, at the Social Security Administration, Long Beach office, as a claims representative, and at Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach as a chemical dependency counselor.
She will address some common questions people have while preparing for retirement or when something unfamiliar happens in their life.
Some of the topics are:
• What’s full retirement age and how has it changed over the years?
•What’s the difference between earned and unearned income and how does it affects Social Security?
• What’s the difference between SSI and regular Social Security? How to qualify for each?
•Who can receive survivor benefits?
Join the Sunshine Club Friday, March 14, in Clubhouse 3, Room 8, from 10 a.m.-noon, for information on this subject.
It is an English-speaking class. All ethnic shareholders are welcome to attend. No membership is required. Refreshments are provided.
On March 28, Carole Damoci, Mutual 12 GRF director, and member of the recreation committee, will talk about this summer’s Amphitheater program.
Carole is the president of the LW Historical Society. She will also give insight into the history of the A-frame building and the birth of the GAF hospitality center, which is a popular hangout in the community.
On April 11, Randy Ankeny, GRF executive director, will be the guest and talk about what GRF is doing to make significant improvements to the community, and help shareholders understand what to expect.
For further information, call Anna Derby, 598-6796.
—Anna Derby

Centenarian Project
Esther Luskin danced her way into second century
by Marjorie Randell
centenarian sub-committee

Just over 100 years ago Esther Luskin was born in Russia, coming to America when she was a tiny baby of six months or less.
Her family settled in Pittsburgh, Pa., where she grew up and graduated from high school.
After her marriage to Morris Luskin, who was an inspector of B-29 airplanes during World War II, they moved about a great deal. They spent time in Florida after the war, moving to Whittier, Calif., in 1948, where they lived and raised three sons.
She is very proud of her children and grandchildren. Morris was a house painter and Esther, a school bus driver. She is proud to have been the very first woman school bus driver in Whittier, paving the way for other women.
When it came time to retire in 1979, she and Morris moved to Leisure World. The couple loved to travel. If there was a lack of passengers for a cruise and they called Esther and Morris with the temptation of a low fair, their suitcases were always ready.
If there has been any stress over her lifetime, Esther never shows it. She is always happy and smiling.
She celebrated her 100th birthday in June 2013 at the home of her son Bob with 50 or 60 people and enjoyed every minute of it.
Esther looks back at a very active life of joining numerous clubs, being in the theater and dancing — clog, tap, ballroom, you name it. She always loved to dance. Her health was good until about six months ago; sadly Esther is not dancing these days. Tongue in cheek, she said she had planned to go sky diving when she turned 100 but she didn’t make it.
Nevertheless she remains happy and is still munching her favorite dark chocolate every day, giving that chocolate all the credit for her longevity.

Card party needs men to join fun
The PEO, Chapter RT, Card Party Club is looking for a few good male card players to join the fun at the PEO card party luncheon with the ladies. The party is the fourth Wednesday of the month, March 26, in Clubhouse 2 at 11:45 a.m.
So many games to play— Chinese checkers, dominoes, Skip-Bo, rummy cubes, cribbage, Yatzee,  Hand and Foot,  bridge, canasta, pinochle, Shanghai Rummy, Scrabble, poker, Euchre, gin rummy, Pitch, Uno, Phase 10 and more, so get a foursome together and call Jan Krehbiel, 431-8240, to make a reservation.
All Leisure Worlders are welcome. PEO club membership is not required. Everyone, get a foursome together, ladies, gents, couples, mix and match. 
A catered lunch, $9 each, of deviled chicken, fruit salad, roll, éclair, coffee, tea, ice tea is included. There is no additional charge for tax or tip. 
It is an opportunity to meet new people and have fellowship with others. Round up three friends and join the fun.
Make reservations by Friday, March 21. Be seated by 11:45 a.m. 
To cancel a standing reservation, call Jan by the Friday before the fourth Wednesday. Standing reservations, $36, not canceled must be paid for.

TOUCH OF DUTCH members and friends are invited to meet tonight in Clubhouse 3, Room 2, at 7 to enjoy each other’s company, friendly conversations and homemade snacks.

Happy Anniversary
Foxes celebrate 70 years together
The Rev. Howard L. Fox took Charlotte Laverne Collin as his wife 70 years ago, on March 5, 1944.
Charlotte wore a “lovely light blue suit,” said Howard.
The Foxes celebrated the momentous occasion at a luncheon on March 1 in Clubhouse 3, catered by Shirley Williams and attended by an overflow crowd.
Entertainment was provided by members of the LW Orchestra and LW Chorale. Howard is a member of both groups.
Howard introduced LW Orchestra leader Rae Boeving. Sandra Hunt, first chair violin in the Leisure World Orchestra, and Pat Kojak performed. Pat Kojak and Pat Albert sang a song, accompanied by Gene Albert, and Chorale members Anita Ragole and Jerry Imhoff sang a duet of the “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”
Howard and Charlotte met in 1943, while attending Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary. They were married at Bethel Temple in Los Angeles.
The Foxes, Mutual 12, served with the Assembly of God Foreign Missionaries in Africa and New Caledonia for 40 years, from 1946-1986.
They have no children of their own, but “many spiritual children.”
A big surprise at the party was seeing Howard’s great-great-nephew, Charlie, who will carry on the “Fox” name. Charlie is the son of Howard’s great-nephew Brian and Abigail Fox of Pasadena, Calif.
PHOTO: —Keith Fancher, photo THE FOX NAME will continue with the addition of Howard and Charlotte Fox’s great-great-nephew Charlie Fox, who attended the couple’s 70th wedding anniversary party with his mother Abigail. Charlotte and Howard wore traditional African costumes to the party in their honor. The costumes were gifts from Togoland, where Charlotte and Howard taught Bible school while visiting. The photo on the wall was taken on Howard and Charlotte’s wedding day.

Friendship Club
Meeting canceled; Mac class in CH6
The Friendship Club meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March, 18, at 7 p.m. has been canceled.
Computer classes conducted by the club will be taught on Monday, March 17, in Clubhouse 6, Room B. The classes are open to all Leisure Worlders and their guests.
A repeatable beginner level introduction to the Apple Mac and iPad tablet will be taught by Jeff Sacks, from 10-11a.m., followed by open computer questions about Macs and iPads from 11 a.m. -noon.
Wireless Internet is available in Clubhouse 6, so wireless laptops are welcome.
Light refreshments are served. The cost is $5 for one or both sessions. For information or to join the e-mail list, call Jeff Sacks, (714) 642-0122.

English Acquisition
Class teaches foreign speakers
An English acquisition class with an emphasis on accent reduction, taught by Kuniko Ikemori Okamoto, meets Tuesdays, in Clubhouse 3, Room 7, from 10-11:30 a.m. There is $5 per month class preparation fee.
Foreign language speakers are encouraged to participate.
The first few sessions included correction of the common erroneous sounds of foreign language speakers (a, aw, r, er, ch, z) in isolation, words and sentences. The sounds are taught by proper placement of the tongue, teeth and the opening of the oral cavity.
Kuniko is a speech/language pathologist and state-credentialed English as a second language teacher and resource specialist.
The Sunshine Club sponsors the ESL class.
—Anna Derby

Symphonies, concertos studied
The Korean-American Classic Music Academy classes study beloved symphonies and concertos. In its class on Feb. 13, members of KACMA enjoyed one of the most well-known classical music pieces, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.
Professor Vicky Moon’s eloquent comments also deepened members’ appreciation of this great symphony. The first movement with remarkable representation of fate (“schicksal”) knocking at the door and the fourth movement with the triumphant finale symbolizing the triumph over fate were the highlights of her comments.
In the Feb. 27 class, members appreciated Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, the best-known of all piano concerti.
Including the famous and unforgettable introduction of this concerto, members had a rare chance of appreciating the entire three movements together.
In today’s class, March 13, famous opera music accompanied by Professor Moon’s comments is scheduled.
For information, call Sung Kim (818) 687-2002, or email her at
—Sung Kim

PHOTO— RELATIVELY SPEAKING—Judi Joho, Mutual 1, welcomed her new grandson, Isaac Richard Joho, born Jan. 4, 2014, at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Isaac is the first son of Judi’s son, Nathan, and his wife, Jennifer. “He is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. He’s been smiling since he was one-week old,” writes Judi.

Photo— Happy birthday—Kathy Nilsson, Mutual 2, celebrated her 80th birthday with a luncheon party in the fellowship hall of Redeemer Lutheran Church on March 2. With 60 guests in attendance she is shown with her Leisure World neighbors Dr. Lyman Wilson (l-r), Janice Laine, Betty Smirnoff, Kathy Nilsson, Jean Gilliard and Diane Vandenberg.