GRF Director’s Column by Ron Kravitz
GRF Director, Mutual 15

At the Feb. 25 Golden Rain Foundation monthly meeting, I, as chairman of the Security, Bus and Traffic Committee, requested that a name change from “Gates and Patrol” back to “Security” be included on the agenda. GRF President Michaelides added this item to the agenda.
Every GRF board member and shareholder in attendance received a packet of factual information, which I provided. The following facts were detailed:
•There has never been a verifiable lawsuit against the Golden Rain Foundation attributed to the use of the name “Security” in the history of LW.
•Under the name, “Golden Rain Foundation,” we are licensed by the state of California as a “proprietary private security employer.”
•Each employee on our security staff is individually licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs as a “proprietory private security officer.”
•The California training manual, in use since 2011, authorizes us to provide in-house training for our security officers.
Based on these facts, I made a motion at the meeting, which received a second, to change the name back to Security. The board voted “yes,” 15-2.
Thank you to Leisure World shareholders and Security Department employees who attended the meeting to express their support of this name change, which was implemented Feb. 26.

Outside the Wall Columm

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 8 (ACA) seeks to repeal Proposition 13 protections by lowering the vote threshold for new taxes to repay local infrastructure bond debt from current two-thirds vote to just 55 percent. Local bonds are repaid exclusively by property owners.
ACA 8 has passed out of the Assembly and has been awaiting the required super-majority vote in the Senate. But due to the misconduct (criminal activity) of two senators, the senate leadership no longer enjoys the vaunted super-majority.
With members of the current leadership unlikely (certainty) to regain their super majority this legislative session, their hopes for raising taxes or placing constitutional amendments, i.e, ACA 8 on the ballot may no longer be assured passage.
ACA 8 is opposed by a broad coalition of small business and taxpayer organizations. A recent poll found that California voters oppose ACA 8 from a percentage measure, 56-31.

Mutual Director’s Column

by Margarita Bahr
Mutual 2

Recently, a number of shareholders have questioned the allowable garden areas. Mutual Two is not a uniformly laid out community with the same spaces between buildings and from the buildings to the walkways.
Rather than trying to explain the layout of the mutual, everyone has a wonderful opportunity to really look at our mutual. Those who you still have 2013 Leisure World phone directories, open to the map area on page 90 and 91. Why am I asking you to do this?
First, our directory does not have maps of LW, so it is suggested you tear out the maps on pages 86-91 in the 2013 books before recycling them.
When putting pages 90 and 91 side by side, line them up (Golden Rain Road crosses the map sections) and look at our mutual.
Mutual Two is not a well-laid out community with exactly the same amount of space between each building or between each building and the nearest sidewalk and/or road.
It’s too late to wonder why things were done this way or why. That was 50 years ago.
Now we have to live with the irregularities between buildings. These irregularities were taken in to consideration when the policy (7425.2) regarding garden areas was written.
To get a copy of the policy and/or color map of LW, go to
www.lwsb,.com The policies were written after the mutual was built because practical guidelines were needed. The policies are always being reviewed, but they must be followed. The policies are in place to prevent abuses.
These irregularities have resulted in some bad feelings when it comes to the subject of allowable garden areas. Due too many different factors a few shareholders have a few more inches in their garden areas than others.
Some folks actually think it is unfair that the differences exist. Well, how do Mutual 2 folks suggest that the differences be corrected?
In a few situations, abuses have occurred and the present GRF board is making a real attempt to document them. Before jumping to conclusions, ask a director to help understand individual situations.
What should be considered is that there are instances where a neighbor may have three or four inches more than others. In addition they may have a bit more space because there is a transformer or telephone vault in their areas.
But there are cases where a neighbor may have less garden area to use. The cost of trying to equalize these areas would cause a big increase in assessments and quite frankly, is totally illogical.
There are a few odd-shaped corners where shareholders have used good sense and made the area attractive and a positive for the community. So may we recommend that some folks get over the idea of “unfair garden areas ?”
Additionally a few stating “not fair” might not realize that when a shareholder purchased a corner unit or a unit with a little more garden area they often
paid for the privilege so it does not fail under the “not fair” accusation.
The higher price benefits the mutual. Those who do not recognize these differences are not being fair or realistic.
So be grateful for a nice unit in a nice mutual and use your energy in a positive manner to make Mutual 2 more attractive and appealing by being a good neighbor.

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Margie Thompson, president of the Karaoke Club, and Vern Jackson, professional and arguably the top entertainer in Leisure World, for their comments (The News, March 6) about the negative critique of the performance of one of our fellow Leisure Worlders.
What warms my heart when I travel around our community is to go by the clubhouses and see the parking lots full with our neighbors doing what makes them happy.
One of the many activities available is music and vocal performers. The talent level varies, but almost everyone that performs is giving his or her best efforts.
As president of the Cabaret Entertainers, I know how much work our performers put in before a show to make it the best possible.
At showtime, as hard as people try, they you can’t please everyone and that’s a reality of what we do.
My suggestion to the couple that felt they had to write a negative letter to the editor is to learn you’re not going to like every show in here and you can tell your friends what you think.
But to write a letter put an article in the paper about a man’s performance you didn’t pay a penny to see is out of line. Thanks again Vern and Marge.
Bob Fritz
Mutual 15

Security does a great job of stopping criminals trying to come into Leisure World, but what about the law-breakers living here? Too many drivers speed right through stop signs.
Pedestrians trying to cross at crosswalks are taking a risk of injury, or death. Too many drivers are breaking the speed limits. Those drivers think nothing will be done if they break a few laws.
Some teeth needs to be put put into our laws. To arrest or fine them would help by costing them money. I wonder if our security people could be authorized to arrest and/or fine those law breakers. The residents would be safer. The problem is serious, and something needs to be done about it.
Vicki Watkins
Mutual 1
The golf course and table tennis areas in Clubhouse 6 are among many definitive expenses for GRF. I never used either, but would never ask GRF to stop supporting them. The new café may be the straw that breaks the “back” for the parking area that serves the medical center, golfers, Clubhouse 6 activities and recreation. It’s close to requiring a parking structure to serve all those activities.
Buses serve a special portion of Leisure World, those who have lived long enough but are unable to drive. These are special people who have probably given a lot during their lifetime and deserve help. I know several who would be forced to enter assisted living if they could not continue to use the bus.
I am a proud member of GAF, the largest service entity in our community. GAF recently purchased a new service bus for handicapped and an extension to the traffic light to make walking safer. All save the GRF money.
I would like to run LW as economically as possible but don’t think it’s necessary to show a profit at year’s end. I believe GRF is trying to do a good job attempting to provide opportunity for everyone to choose their own lifestyles.
To fill up the buses, people should stop using their cars for all activities here. If they disagree, then allow the bus system to continue existing for those who are dependent, even if that’s a small minority.
We should be willing to help everyone, not just those who mirror our lifestyle.
Marjorie Dodero
Mutual 9

It was wonderful to have some much-needed rain recently, but the truth is it was a drop in the proverbial bucket of our thirsty state.
All residents can help save water by not flushing at night. Before retiring, add a little disinfectant to the bowl.
Think of the many gallons of water that can be saved, at least two per unit.
Elected officials should endorse the plan or come up with a better one. Let’s all be more responsible citizens and help avoid a really serious water crisis.
Manny Villarrubia
Mutual 1
On Sunday, March 2, I went to Clubhouse 6 for my usual line dance practice. At the sign-up table, a woman approached me demanding $5. While I tried to tell her the reason I did not bring money, the teacher arrived and asked the woman why she was requesting it. The woman walked away with the money another student paid for me, and the class began.
The class is offered by the Filipino Association of Leisure World (FALW) as a free activity. Most of the students are foreign born and English is our second language. We will probably either pay or not dance.
I would like to alert other groups that if a similar situation happened, that person might be taking advantage for personal gain. I sincerely hope that woman will give an explanation to students who have already paid.
Joannie Jianto
Mutual 2