Letters to the Editor



Looking back over 79 years, I can never remember not having a dog. Strange thing about dogs, the one you have at the time seems to be the best dog you ever had. That applies to our last dog.

We have had Julie for the past 12 years and she has been the glue that has held our family together through some hard times. Julie developed skin allergies that we could not control, and last month it infected her eyes.

With great remorse I took her to the vet, held her little head and whispered in her ear that everything was going to be alright. The vet gave her a shot, and in less than 30 seconds I felt her little body relax in my arms as she went to sleep.

She never felt the second shot that would keep her from wakening up. Julie is now in her little box on our dresser waiting for Barbara and me to join her.

We can only hope that when our burden/pain gets to heavy to carry, that society will have advanced far enough to allow us to have the same painless sleep that Julie had. It is impossible to know how much you miss someone until they are gone.

Chuck Magie

Mutual 3


Thank you Connie Moore of Mutual 14 for your Letter to the Editor (The News, Dec. 12). About five weeks ago, thieves took a large piece of coral from our patio that we bought in Hawaii about 40 years ago on a family vacation.

It was a special rememberance of our family trip. We moved the coral from Maui, Seal Beach, Montana and to Palm Desert.

Three weeks later, thieves came back and took a three-tiered hanging basket that was hooked seven inches off the ground.

Thieves, please think twice before taking property that belongs to someone else.

Deane Coultrup

Mutual 15