Happy Thanksgiving




A Thanksgiving Day mishap


by Gerri Seaton, Mutual 2

LW contributor


In 1956 when I was a new bride, my husband and I decided to invite his parents to our little rented house for our first Thanksgiving dinner together.

I was quite nervous because I had never cooked a turkey or prepared a meal for his parents. In fact, I was a terrible cook, but my in-laws happened to be patient, understanding and helpful people.

Since my husband had never carved a turkey, his Dad offered to slice the big bird. While expertly carving and taking the stuffing out of the bird, we heard him say, “What the heck is this?”

It was a bag containing the giblets, which I had not discovered while getting the turkey ready for the oven. I apologized and soon we all had a good laugh.

Shortly after this incident my mother -in-law gave me my first cookbook (Better Homes & Garden), which I still have.

I’m happy to say my cooking skills have greatly improved.


Giving Thanks

LWer is grateful for many things


by Mary Apte, Mutual 11

LW contributor


Time set aside to be grateful, that is what Thanksgiving Day is, and there are many ways I am grateful. Let me begin— health, home, family and community are some overall areas where countless lists of specifics begin.

Spending time with my family means not spending time with friends just now, but can’t we be grateful for computers, smart phones and The News on-line to help us stay in touch?

I am so grateful for the grandchildren I see in every place I go, and especially that I have one too.

It has been beautiful here, as I visit in Virginia, and I’m grateful for temperate weather.

Near the seat of government for our United States of America, I am grateful for the rule of law, for the protection of our nation and for the facilities our government aids us to develop and keep in cooperation with one another. Gratitude swells over, and I feel grateful for our planet and for all the means we have to cooperate across the wide expanses with all people and be stewards of the living world. I quote from UN web site, “It is our world.” I’m thankful for the United Nations.

Perhaps inside our gates of LW we get somewhat myopic; “it is our world” and learning about activities of The United Nations can provide us a way to show our concern for the pressing issues of our time. As a community we can be grateful for the Multicultural Council and the commitment made to aid us in mutual understanding in our diverse community. We can look around us for ways to learn and understand more about the cultures of the world.


A Reason to Give Thanks


Marion Simonds, Mutual 5, is thankful for her family, husband, friends and health. I can give a lot of reasons. I am thankful for my eyesight and that I can see.


Norma Poe, Mutual 17, the Mutual 17 Board of Directors and the Mutual 17 GRF Director are grateful to President Pete Hayes. When the “Answers Magazine” was removed from the mutual’s mailboxes, he contacted the News for more and personally delivered one to every door. “I don’t know what we would do without him. We would be at a loss. It would take all of us to figure out everything he does. Happy Birthday, Pete.”


Dave Hunter, Mutual 3, thanks God that he is a Christian and lives in a free country.


Patricia Cordray, Mutual 2, is grateful to be able to attend Professor Dan Van Gelder’s Spanish class in Clubhouse 6. She is looking forward to attending his new conversational class after the holidays. “It’s free and fun. He is so interesting.”


Chris Choi, Mutual 10, is grateful for his wife.


Demetra Monios, Mutual 14, is thankful for Jesus Christ, her family and to live in this country.


Eric Dodd, Mutual 12, is grateful for his family, friends, health and for having a few bucks to spend on trips.


Mariann Lonsdorf, Mutual 6, is thankful for good health and being alive. She is laso thankful for Leisure World.


Thanh Bui, Mutual 2, is thankful to all Americans for letting the Vietnamese have a new home in the United States.


Julie Holbrook, Mutual 14, is grateful for her son Ron.


Bill Sandifer, Mutual 2, is grateful to be alive.


Mary Ellen Bleach, Mutual 6, is grateful for all her table tennis friends.


Photo: THANKSGIVING 1940—Cindy Gannon, Mutual 4, recalls the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner she had as a little girl at her Aunt Bessie and Uncle Stew’s home on 14th Street in Midway City. She never believed that she would live so close. The house is still there.It was a memorable dinner as her family was moving to Tulare, Calif., “the Garden Spot of the San Joaquin Valley.” Her dad was going to be a flight instructor at Rankin Academy. Her mother wasn’t keen on the idea as they were both golf pros at the first Hunthington Beach Golf Course. “I can almost taste that cornbread stuffing,” says Cindy. “They are all gone now except me, in the highchair, and the Fiestaware dishes. Dad even had on a suit and tie. Mother was next to me. Ah, time passes, but memories stay forever.”