The Golden Rain Foundation Board welcomes shareholders to open committee meetings. The following is the schedule for December:

Executive Committee

1 p.m., Monday, Dec. 2, Clubhouse 3, Room 2

•Physical Property Committee

1 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 4, Clubhouse 3, Room 1

•Security, Bus & Traffic Committee

1:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 5, Clubhouse 3, Room 1

•Recreation Committee

1:30 p.m., Monday, Dec. 9, Clubhouse 3, Room 2

•Information Technology Services Committee

10 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 10, Clubhouse 3, Room 1

•Communications Committee, rescheduled

1:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 13, Clubhouse 3, Room 6

•Finance Committee

9:30 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 17, Clubhouse 3, Room 2

•Traffic Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee

2:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 19, Clubhouse 3, Room 1

The Library Committee meeting was cancelled this month.



•Mutual 1, rescheduled meeting

9:30 a.m., open forum; 9:45 a.m., meeting starts, Monday, Dec. 2, Clubhouse 4, Section A

Mutual 17, rescheduled meeting

1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 3, Physical Property

•Mutual 10, rescheduled meeting

9 a.m., open forum; 9:15 a.m., meeting starts; Wednesday, Dec. 4, Clubhouse 2

•Mutual 3, rescheduled meeting

9:15 a.m., open forum; 9:30 a.m., meeting starts, Friday, Dec. 13, Clubhouse 3, Room 6

Mutual 14, rescheduled meeting

1 p.m., open forum; 1:30 p.m., meeting starts, Tuesday, Dec. 17, Clubhouse 3, Room 6

Mutual 12 cancelled its Nov. 22 meeting. The following mutuals have cancelled December meetings: Mutuals 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16



The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) honored 40 Engineering Information Systems (EIS) volunteers, including IT committee members, for years of service Nov. 12 in Clubhouse 3. Volunteers enjoyed an international luncheon sponsored by the GRF and hosted by Richard Houck, the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) manager for EIS volunteers. He is currently a part-time recorder/auto clad technician for the GRF. Thanks and appreciation to Barbara Houck and daughter Debbie for their assistance in preparing and coordinating the luncheon.

The EIS group was formed in 2005 and evolved to 75 volunteers over the last eight years, thanks to the efforts of volunteers Bob Banes, Graham McCallister, Jim Throgmorton and John Retterath.

The late Bob Banes, a former GRF Board member, worked tirelessly to convert Leisure World’s maps and infrastructure plans from paper to digital documents. In eight year, LW volunteers scanned about 750,000 documents, resulting in considerable savings to GRF and the mutuals.

—Richard Houck



All Leisure World member/shareholder/owners are invited to attend the Presidents’ Council meeting at 9 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 5, in Clubhouse 4. Actual participation will be limited to mutual presidents and director guests (one per mutual). Suggestions for topics for discussion may be submitted to mutual president for consideration.

—Esther Cummings





November 7, 2013

The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Presidents’ Council of Seal Beach Leisure World was convened at 9:00 a.m. by President Crandall on Thursday, November 7, 2013, in Clubhouse Four, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


MUTUAL ONE Ms. Anderson

MUTUAL TWO Mrs. Hugo-Kirman, Director

MUTUAL THREE Mrs. Rutledge

MUTUAL FOUR Ms. Davenport


MUTUAL SIX No representation




MUTUAL TEN Ms. Cummings









MUTUAL SIX Mr. Garrett


MUTUAL ELEVEN Mr. Mandeville


Mr. Michaelides, GRF President

Ms. Stone, GRF Representative, Mutual Three

Ms. Rapp, GRF Representative, Mutual Seven

Ms. Griepsma, Director, Mutual One

Mrs. Reed, Vice President/Secretary, Mutual Four

Mr. Hood, Chief Financial Officer, Mutual Five

Ms. Berg, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Mutual Eight

Ms. Arlart, Vice President, Mutual Ten

Mr. Fluharty, Director, Mutual Twelve

Mr. Lukoff, Vice President, Mutual Fourteen

Mrs. Obenauer, Vice President, Mutual Fifteen

Ms. Merrifield, Vice President, Mutual Sixteen


Mr. Ankeny, Executive Director

Mrs. Weller, Mutual Administration Manager

Mr. Weaver, Community Facilities Manager

Mr. Dillon, Purchasing Supervisor

Mrs. Westphal, Mutual Recording Secretary


Mr. Crandall welcomed guests and staff to the meeting, and each President introduced the invited guest from their Mutual.


Mr. Crandall called for a motion to approve the Presidents’ Council Meeting minutes of October 3, 2013. A correction was noted by Ms. Findlay: Mr. Welch was her guest at the previous Presidents’ Council Meeting, not Mr. Norlander.

Upon a MOTION duly made by Mr. Grenrock and seconded by Mr. Bourhenne, it was

RESOLVED, To approve the Presidents’ Council Meeting minutes of October 3, 2013, as corrected.

The MOTION carried by a unanimous vote of the Council members present.


Mr. Dillon reported that the monthly Purchasing Report was e-mailed out to the Presidents that morning. He said that there has been business as usual in his department. He also said that one of the Mutuals gave him an appliance that he would like reclaimed and/or instruction as to store it or sell it.


Mr. Weaver reported that the Physical Property Committee chose Option One of the suggested three options he presented to them regarding the response time and availability the Building Inspectors provide to the Mutuals; he will be working further on this. He validated that there is presently one vacancy for a Building Inspector and an additional Building Inspector will be added as well.

Mr. Weaver reported that the pest control contract specifications that were sent out to several contractors came back with bid proposals that were unacceptable and obviously there is a misunderstanding of what is required. The specifications will be reviewed and clarified by the Physical Property Department and sent back out. Fenn Pest & Termite Control will continue to serve the Mutuals on a month-to-month basis.

Mr. Weaver reported that SCE is overloaded with changing to time-of-use billing rates. His department has requested that all Mutuals that qualify go back to the GS-1 billing rate. He will be contacting all of the Mutuals to fill out an application to move back to the GS-1 rates when approved by SCE.

There was a discussion between the Council members and Mr. Michaelides about whether or not each individual Mutual should hire their own roofing consultant for their roofing projects, cross training the Building Inspectors, and hiring a Building Inspector with an expertise on roofing.


Mrs. Weller spoke about Compulsive Hoarding. She said the Mutuals need to be more proactive with this issue, one reason being the fire hazard it causes. She passed out very informative information about the condition (see attached). She said she would like to formulate a global policy for all Mutuals regarding hoarding and welcomes ideas and suggestions from the Mutual Boards because the issue can no longer be neglected, but addressed wholeheartedly. There needs to be a procedure in place in order to be able to follow through. She will discuss this further after the first of the New Year.

Mrs. Weller spoke about her memorandum regarding a draft Mutual Policy about Feeding Wildlife (see attached). She asked for the Mutual Boards’ feedback about this policy and she would like it to be globalized for all the Mutuals.

Mrs. Weller spoke about Policy 7557 – Caregivers and how she is finding that many of the Mutuals want their own individual policy for their specific needs, so it is not possible to globalize the policy for all the Mutuals. She presented the new Caregiver Annual Application form that will be used in the Stock Transfer Office, along with Caregiver Guidelines (attached) that Ruth Harrison of Mutual Fourteen formulated with her.

Mrs. Weller also spoke about Policy 7510 – Eligibility Requirements, and she presented each President with their Mutual’s individual policy on this. She would also like to globalize this policy and asked for the Mutual Boards’ input.


Mr. Ankeny reported that he and Mr. Weaver met with the Haynes Power Plant representatives and they were not happy with the petition, with approximately 2,000 names on it, that they presented to them. Mr. Ankeny and Mr. Weaver spoke to them about the noise and debris from the plant. The representatives asked that residents report noise to the shift supervisor via voice mail, giving the time, place, and type of noise so they may pinpoint it to stop it. Air quality was also addressed and the representatives say that they are in compliance, but Mr. Ankeny let them know this is of concern to the community.

Mr. Ankeny said that the city of Seal Beach Council representatives for Leisure World will be speaking at the November 26 GRF Monthly Meeting about Seal Beach issues, and he would like them to come to speak to the Presidents’ Council as well.

Mr. Ankeny said Controller Carolyn Miller requested that, as the SRO overtime rate of $52.00 per hour is not divisible equally by 60 (.8666), the overtime rate be adjusted to $52.20 per hour (.87) per minute). This action was approved at the November 6 Physical Property Committee and will be placed on the November 26 GRF Monthly Meeting for approval.

Mr. Ankeny reported that the Trust extension ballots were mailed on Monday, November 4 and he presented a flyer with ballot instructions and FAQs. All pertinent information about it was also in today’s Golden Rain News as a full-page spread. The GRF has been receiving a lot of telephone calls about this and the Leisure World Website is being kept up-to-date. He also said there is a handbook for Building Captains with information and samples of how to mark and send in the ballots correctly.

After Mr. Ankeny answered questions about the ballot and voting, he explained about “Interruption Wednesday” in the Finance Department. He said that this is being tried on a trial basis through January 1 so the busy Finance Department employees will have no interruptions on Wednesdays in order to get their work done and with no errors, which is critical. It was also noted that Escrow Inspection Clerk Sam Mooney in the Physical Property Department is working 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. right now for the same type of reasons.


Mr. Jarecki briefly discussed the rewrite of Policy 7303 – Self Insurance Fund. He said that by next month he will have an amended policy draft to present to the Council.

Mrs. Hugo-Kirman spoke about Skype interviews/orientations (see attached information). She said there are many different procedures for new-buyer interviews/orientations, depending on the Mutual. Mutual Boards that have used Skype go outside of the community to do it, and her committee would like to bring it back on-site for the convenience. She has been working with the IT Services Department as to where this could be done in order to be able to utilize the required equipment. She asked for the Mutual Boards to all share information and ideas about this, and she passed out a survey for them to use.

(Mr. Ankeny and Mr. Michaelides left the meeting at 10:37 a.m.)


Mrs. Weller reported that there is still an ongoing problem with shareholders/residents having three or more automobiles in the community. Charging for the third vehicle would not work appropriately, there is the problem with having classic cars stored, and there are the infrastructure issues. She asked the Presidents’ to let her know of their thoughts and/or ideas on these issues.

(Mr. Grenrock left at 10:44 a.m.)

Ms. Davenport said that her Mutual does not want to hire a roofing consultant and the issue of hiring one is causing the Mutual’s roofing project to be delayed. Ms. Rapp asked Mr. Weaver to add this subject to the Physical Property Committee Meeting agenda.

Following a discussion, and upon a MOTION duly made by Ms. Davenport and seconded by Mr. Jarecki, it was

RESOLVED, That the Mutual Presidents would like to inform the Golden Rain Foundation President and Executive Director that they expect the Golden Rain Foundation, as the Mutuals’ management agent, to be responsible for overseeing the Mutuals’ roofing projects, and not each individual Mutual responsible for hiring a roofing consultant.

The MOTION carried by a unanimous “yes” vote of all present Mutuals (Mutual Six had no representation).

(Mrs. Weller left the meeting at 10:56 a.m.)

Ms. Findlay gave a presentation to the Council about discrepancies in the Documents of the Mutual Corporations One through Sixteen of Seal Beach Leisure World. She said there is one error in the combined documents on voting requirements.

(Mrs. Rutledge left the meeting at 11:11 a.m.)


Mrs. Hugo-Kirman said that Ms. Bahr did research on a food bank and this may be utilized by the shareholders. Mrs. Weller and/or Mrs. Munholland should be contacted about receiving the service.

Ms. Davenport expressed her concerns to Mr. Weaver about some Mutuals granting exclusive use of common area to shareholders (Mr. Weaver replied that the Mutual policies direct what Physical Property does).

Mr. Jarecki said the Mutuals should have input on who the GRF hires for roofing expertise. He also said he appreciates information received from Ms. Merrifield of Mutual Sixteen about light bulbs.

Ms. Cummings said that there needs to be criteria for Service Maintenance workers and emergencies on weekends (Mr. Weaver said there are guidelines in place). She asked Mark for an article in the Golden Rain News about what constitutes an emergency call on the weekends. Ms. Cummings reported that some of her Mutual’s “Vote Yes” signs were vandalized, which was very disappointing.

In Mr. Grenrock’s absence, Ms. Merrifield announced that the Landscape Council for the landscape Directors from each Mutual Board of Directors meets quarterly (January/April/July/October) and is very interesting for those who would like to attend.


There being no further business, Mr. Crandall adjourned the meeting at 11:28 a.m.



Esther Cummings, Secretary


(These are tentative minutes, subject to the approval of the Council members at the next Presidents’ Council Meeting.)