Executive Director’s Column by Randy Ankeny Executive Director
These few words are the clearly stated on many of the original brochures and are still true today. These five simple words convey a message and a meaning and as I reflect upon my first year, one keynote stands out: The importance of community.
I have found in Leisure World, Seal Beach, a true sense of community. Each day I see cohesiveness, sense of character and the camaraderie of mutual support that act as our foundation for the community and all shareholders.
With everyday life moving at an ever faster and more detached pace due to technology, busy schedules and constant change, it gets harder to feel a sense of community with the world outside our walls.
Community has many meanings, with the focal idea simply supporting and interacting positively with other individuals who share a vested interest. It was a year ago that I first heard the term “shareholder” used when speaking about the community’s residents. At the time I did not comprehend the true meaning of the term “shareholder” and the importance of the word in truly defining our community and what makes Leisure World Seal Beach a special and exceptional place.
I have had the pleasure to work with and see you, the shareholders, define the true essence of the best part of this community, a group of diverse individuals living together, sharing a vested interest in each other, our neighborhoods and the community at large by:
• Participating in random acts of kindness
• Acknowledgement of your fellow shareholders (just the simple “good mornings” or “how are you today’s”)
• Attendance at community events
• Volunteering
• Interaction at club and social functions
• Taking and making that extra effort to show a fellow shareholder that you care and are there for them
A strong community benefits each shareholder as we show the world that we together are greater that the pettiness and disrespect shown all too often outside our community. I see shareholders with a sense of belonging, and this belonging leads to happier lives, and strong communities are the building blocks for a more stable and supportive society.
I thank you for allowing me and my staff to be part of your lives at Leisure World Seal Beach.
“To like many people spontaneously and without effort is perhaps the greatest of all sources of personal happiness.”
– Bertrand Russell

Credits and Kudos

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Mutual 14 residents Linda Corp, Gayle Chapin and Marlene Behar thank Ann Pepper, new Mutual 14 president, for conducting the first meeting of the new board in an effective and professional manner. She kept the meeting on track and completed the agenda in a timely manner.
Lisa A. Dickson of Mutual 1 is grateful to Renee Otten for giving her a ride home from Clubhouse 2 after a recent Woman’s Club meeting.

Les Cohen’s Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

At this week’s in-service ombudsman meeting by the Council on Aging-OC we heard a representative from the OC Veterans Service office.
With all the negative statements about VA services nationwide, it was refreshing to learn good news about our local veterans service office.
The following may be of interest to shareholders who are veterans, dependents and surviving spouses:
The OCR veterans community services office was established by the OC Board of Supervisors as an independent county program. Veterans using the local office can eliminate the need to travel to regional offices regarding benefits.
The speaker mentioned some of the benefits that are available to veterans, their dependents and spouses:
• Entitlement to compensation for dependency, indemnity, compensation, disability and death pension and burial .
• Education, benefits and vocational rehabilitation.
• Life insurance, California veteran information, discharge review; VA home loans, veterans’ home of California.
The Office Operations Center is located at 1300 South Grand Ave., Building B, Room 247, Santa Ana, CA.
The telephone number is (714) 480-6555; fax, (714) 567-7674. The website is www.veterans.ocgov.com; and email is OCVSO@occr.ocgov.com.
Representatives will answer any questions concerning veterans benefits and potential entitlement.