Member Column

by Margie Meigs

Mutual 2

    I have accolades for recent positive activities, work in progress and work that needs work in communications. I was delighted with the new version of the Golden Rain News for the vision-impaired. True, many residents do not use the Internet, but the newer ones do.

 I am delighted with “Getting to Know our Advertisers” featuring long-time advertisers. This will strengthen ties between local business and shareholders, a win-win situation.

 There have been holiday stories, recipes, and traditions submitted by shareholders. I particularly liked Gerry Seaton’s story.

Mutual 2 has taken advantage of the invitation to participate with articles, columns and photos. They included the xeriscape gardens, hospitality program (with a picture of Director Edie Hugo and Joyce Harrison, a new resident), and the color picture on page 1 featuring Mutual 2’s emergency preparedness program with George Meigs and Lee Pfiefer, emergency co-coordinators; and Mutual President Margarita Bahr.

 From the time I championed Anne Seifert’s efforts to “cover the channel,” I have realized the importance of our relationship with the city of Seal Beach. We gathered a large, vocal group of shareholders for the city council meetings on this issue. It was proposed that Anne be appointed as “grant writer.”

What I believe we need is a liaison with the city. Many shareholders learned of the AES Los Alamitos project in a mailer directly from AES. We are reaching out as is evidenced by our interaction with the new police chief, Joe Stilinovich. We may not care about pigs as pets, but we should be outraged by the decline in business along Main Street. Leisure World participation is desperately needed since we are one-third of the city.

 I would like to see more personal introductions to staff that interfaces with the community. Shareholders need to “see” how their money is being spent. We can wade through the minutes and find the information, but a photo and story is a better introduction.

A hybrid suggestion for Human Resources and the News would be an employee of the month program with nominations from shareholders and staff with final approval by the executive director.

The staff needs recognition and would benefit from direct quotes from the shareholders. Employees receive plaques for years of service, but I would like to see it taken a step further; perhaps a luncheon with their supervisor, Executive Director and GRF President.

 Finally, we can log into mutual websites as well as access documents and the Golden Rain News on line. For us “boomers” this will be a great asset.

Letters to the Editor



I would like to remind residents that a lost cat or dog without a collar probably has a microchip embedded under their skin.

Animal shelters can easily locate the owner by scanning the microchip to find their name and address.

Lost cats and dogs can starve to death if left on their own too long. So please save them by taking them to a shelter to find their owner.

Joan Larsen

Mutual 10


Achieving more resiliency is one of my resolutions for the New Year. With unexpected issues I’ll encounter, I strongly believe that being resilient keeps people physically and mentally healthy.

Attending a series of seminars with experts in the field of medicine broaden my horizon.

Socializing with friends that share my common interests is rewarding.

Zumba dance improves my vitality and helps me remain active. Synchronizing movements enhances the beauty and energy in the company of other enthusiastic members.

Sweets, sodium and shortenings should be consumed in moderation and fruit and vegetables should be emphasized.

Take it easy on red meats and focus on more fish and chicken. Exercise moderately, for at least 30 minutes, walk daily, enjoy shopping with friends and enjoy some club activities.

Volunteering for the improvement of our community is a very rewarding experience. It keeps me informed of various issues in LW where I enjoy living.

I have the chance to meet and socialize with new shareholders and am hoping for the best of health in 2014 for everyone.

Lisa A. Dickson

Mutual 1