Centenarian Project

‘Love your family’ says Catherine White

by Marjorie Randell and

Pat Lay Wilson 

centenarian sub-committee


Many years ago, Catherine White was at her sister’s wedding with her beau, Will. After the ceremony he pulled her aside and whispered into her ear, “If you catch the bride’s bouquet today, I’ll marry you!”  Well, she did, and he did, and that was the beginning of a wonderful marriage, which lasted 75 years.

Wearing bright blue slacks with a jaunty scarf at her throat,  Catherine leafed through the picture book her grandchildren gave her a year ago, when she turned 100. 

“It was a wonderful party,” she said. “I have been so lucky in my life. I was born in Maine, and we moved to California just a year later.”

She explained that she was the youngest of the family, had  her sister and four rowdy brothers. The boys used to call the two little girls “the babies,” which made them mad. 

She grew up in California, and after she married Will they had three children. They always lived in California, except for a few years in Arizona where her husband’s company transferred them.  Sadly, her husband passed away in 2005.

Catherine keeps busy with the many crafts, in which she is interested and proficient, glass work, calligraphy, embroidery and needlepoint. Many of her lovely handmade items grace her apartment.

Catherine lived alone until last year when a caregiver joined her life.

Several of Catherine’s extended family members live in Leisure World, and they all spend a great deal of time together.

She was fortunate, several years ago, to visit Maine with her sister. They found the old family house, which is well over a 100 years old. “I don’t remember living there, of course,” she said, “but it was still a thrill to find the old family home in Maine.”

Catherine exercises regularly, has always been active and attends the Baptist Church. She never worked outside the home, but her life as a homemaker with three children kept her busy.

Here at Leisure World, Catherine drove her own car until she turned 96. “Never had an accident,” she said proudly.

When asked what has been the most important thing is in her life, without hesitation Catherine replied, “My children and my family.”           

Catherine couldn’t give a definite reason for why she has lived so long. “Perhaps,” she said, “it’s that I never smoked or drank, and I always watched my diet.” 

In addition her caregiver claims she “never saw Catherine angry.”

It seems obvious that happiness, love and family have been a major part of Catherine’s longevity. In fact, when asked what advice she would share with others, Catherine answered simply “Love your family.”


Sunshine Club

Superwire service is topic tomorrow

Bob McCauley, vice president of operations for Superwire Telecom, Inc., will be the guest speaker at the Sunshine Club tomorrow, Jan. 24, at 10 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. He will try and clarify the confusion shareholders have between Time Warner and Superwire and other cable services. He will also discuss how to start or terminate service.

Superwire Telecom, Inc., has a long-term contract with the Golden Rain Foundation to provide basic TV service. Currently this basic service is listed at over $70 outside Leisure World. Shareholders only pay $24.48 within LW.

Superwire also provides an on-site sales/maintenance office next to the LW Library, where customers can have their Time Warner bills explained; learn how to use remote controls and other Time Warner equipment (cable boxes, recorders); pickup channel guides and usage literature; or exchange defective remote controls. Also shareholders can place orders for cable service.

Superwire personnel can provide technical support at customer residences for TV, Internet and phone problems, including rescanning digital TVs, clean up computers, installation cable boxes, fix TVs that are showing no picture, etc.

Concierge service is provided to assist customers having trouble using the dialing system to report problems or to add or change service to Time Warner equipment.

Superwire produces channel 995 (channel 95-861 for Digital TVs with no cable box) that features interesting people and clubs.

Superwire has been one of the main on-site corporate sponsors of LW events, such as the Beatlemania Show, the John Davidson Show, volunteer luncheons and raffles for TVs and Apple I-pads.

Superwire also provides the phone service for GRF offices.

Bob will speak about services Superwire offers and invite shareholders to visit the office to learn more about what can be done to rescue shareholders when they have a problem that they cannot fix themselves.

The Sunshine Club’s goal is to help with everyday living in Leisure World. It is an English-speaking class. All shareholders are welcome to attend; no membership is required. Refreshments will be served.

—Anna Derby


Friendship Club

Computer/eBay classes taught

Computer classes conducted by the Friendship Club in Clubhouse 3, Room 7, are open to all Leisure Worlders and their guests.

A repeatable introduction to the personal computer (most versions) with Jeff Sacks will be conducted Tuesday, Jan. 28, from noon-1 p.m., followed by open computer questions about PCs and/or Macs from 1-2. Questions about how to use Windows 8 can also be included. Inquiries can be submitted in advance by calling Jeff, (714) 642-0122.

Maxine Smith conducts a separate question-and-answer forum, Let’s Talk eBay, from 2-4 p.m. Participants do not need to attend the computer class to attend the eBay class. Max suggests bringing questions and if possible, an item to sell, or tell her something to buy. These forums have been more helpful than just focusing on beginners’ eBay. Many people come to her class for advice, etc. who are not beginners.

Wireless Internet is available in Clubhouse 3, so wireless laptops are welcome.

Refreshments will be served. The cost is $5 for the day. For information, call Jeff.



All invited to an Irish Broadway songs fund raiser

Chapter RT of the PEO Sisterhood will not meet on Jan. 27, because members celebrated Founders’ Day.

The club’s major fund raiser for the year will be a day-trip on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, March 17, to see “Color Songs of Broadway” in the City of Alhambra for an Irish Broadway show. The cost, $85, includes transportation, a full-course luncheon and the show.   

Reservations may be made by contacting Project Chairmen Juanita Townsend, 431-4026, or Ro Lynch, 431-9863. Information about bus location and time to meet will be announced later.

This event supports PEO projects including scholarships for women’s education, etc. Guests are welcome. 

Support the fund raiser and enjoy a fun-filled day with good company, food, music and dances. Remember the “wearing o’the green” and be a little Irish for the day.

Chapter RT sponsors the PEO Card Party Luncheon on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  There will be a card party luncheon Feb. 26. 

— Eve Magnus


Social Club of LW

Luncheon, cards are tomorrow

The Social Club will meet for lunch and cards tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 24, at 11:45 a.m. in Clubhouse 2. Lunch will be served at noon.

Anyone interested in setting up a new table of four or being a substitute for canasta or bridge, please call Janet Carpenter at 430-6661.

Membership for 2014, $5, is now due.

— Janet Carpenter


Latin American Club

Reorganized club begins new year

The Latin American Club of Leisure World will have its first meeting on Friday, Feb. 7, 1-4 p.m., in Clubhouse 4. Everyone is welcome.

The club, formerly the Spanish Club, has reorganized and will continue to meet on the first Friday of the month.

The new president is Maria Rodriguez, 430-3405.