GRF Tentative Agenda


The following is the tentative agenda for the Golden Rain Foundation Monthly Board meeting, scheduled for January 28, at 10 a.m. in Clubhouse 4:


• Call to Order

• Pledge of Allegiance

• Approve Agenda

• Announcements

• Member Comments

• Roll Call

• Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 23, 2013

• Minutes of the Special Meeting of January 7, 2014

• Disband Trust Ad hoc Committee

• Approve Resolution Placing Assets in Trust

• Amend Policy 2850, Advertising Commissions

• Adopt Policy 4190, Anti-Fraud Policy

• Amend Policy 5601, Open Board Meetings

• Authorize Funds for Legal Review of Employee Handbook

• Award Clubhouse Five Painting Contract

• Award Clubhouse Five Downstairs Flooring Contract

• Approve Purchase of Blue Chairs

• Approve Clubhouse Five Room Modification for Vending


• Approve Purchase of Vehicles

• Approve Jenark Solution Contract

• Executive Committee Report

• Finance Committee Report

• Information Tech. Services Committee Report

• Library Committee Report

• Physical Property Committee Report

• Recreation Committee Report

• Security, Bus & Traffic Committee Report

• Controller’s Report

• Executive Director’s Report

• Board Member Comments/Requests

• Adjournment


GRF Committee Meetings

The Golden Rain Foundation Board welcomes shareholders to open committee meetings. The following is the schedule for February:


Executive Committee

1 p.m., Monday, Feb. 3, Administration

Physical Property Committee,

1 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 5, Clubhouse 3, Room 1

•Security, Bus and Traffic

1:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 6, Administration

Recreation Committee

1:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 10, Administration

Information Technology Services Committee

10 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 11, Administration

Library Committee

1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 11, Administration

Communications Committee

1:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 13, Administration

•Finance Committee

9:30 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 18, Administration

• Traffic Enforcement Ad Hoc Committee

2:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 20, Administration

• GRF Board

9 a.m. executive session, 10 a.m. regular meeting, Clubhouse 4


GRF Special Meeting

An executive session of the GRF Board of Directors is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 8:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse 4 Art Room. The purpose of the meeting is to hear a legal update in executive session. The agenda is as follows:

• Call to Order

• Roll Call

• Legal Update

• Adjournment


Mutual Meetings

•Mutual 1

9:30 a.m., open forum; 9:45 a.m., meeting starts; Thursday, Jan. 23, Administration

•Mutual 6

9:30 a.m., Friday, Jan. 24, Administration

•Mutual 12, special

9 a.m., Friday, Jan. 24, Physical Property

•Mutual 8

1:30 p.m., Monday, Jan. 27, Administration


GRF Special Meeting

An Executive Session of the GRF Board of Directors is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 10 a.m. in the Administration Conference Room. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a legal matter in Executive Session. The agenda is as follows:

• Call to Order

• Roll Call

• Legal Discussion

• Adjournment


Mutual News

How to be a candidate for Mutual Board of Directors

Any Mutual member in good standing is eligible to be a candidate for his or her Mutual Board of Directors. A member in good standing is defined as a shareholder (or homeowner in Mutual Seventeen) who is no more than 30 days in arrears of their carrying charge. There are three ways for members in good standing to be considered candidates:

(1) Be nominated by their Mutual’s Nominating Committee at least 60 days before the Annual Meeting (or be on a slate of candidates submitted by the Mutual Secretary if the Mutual does not have a nominating committee), OR

(2) Bypass the Mutual and submit an “Application for Candidacy” to the Stock Transfer Office during the Mutual’s application submission period (dates are shown on the accompanying chart), OR

(3) Be nominated from the floor during the Mutual’s Annual Meeting.*

Candidates who are placed in nomination in a timely manner, either by the Mutual or by self-nomination, will be listed on the Secret Mail-in Ballot that is mailed to each household in a Mutual. *Note that potential candidates who are nominated from the floor during their annual meetings will not be listed on the Secret Mail-in Ballot. All self-nominated candidates must submit an “Application for Candidacy.”

The Application for Candidacy forms are available at the Stock Transfer Office in the Administration Building. The application can be returned in person or by mail to the Stock Transfer Office.

Resumes are optional. Candidates who are placed in nomination by their boards may submit a resume to the Mutual Secretary before the slate is due. Candidates who are self-nominated may attach their resume to their completed applications.

For further information on being a candidate, call 431-6586, ext. 347 or 348.