Letters to the Editor


When pedestrians are about to overtake an elderly person, it would be kind if they would make a noise. Maybe cough, sneeze, whistle, sing a few notes or even whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy.

That would give notice that you are present and not startle us.

Kate Pedigo

Mutual 5

(Editor’s note: Kate Pedigo recently celebrated her 102nd birthday.)



February is Black History Month honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. MLK Day was created in honor of Dr. King and his contribution to society.

A leader during the Civil Rights Movement, he was born in Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 15, 1929. In 1963, Dr. King delivered the famous “I Had A Dream” speech.

Dr. King practiced and preached non-violence. Through his efforts, blacks and minorities were eventually granted many rights that they may not have had today.

Highlights of his life:

• MLK Day is a federal holiday.

• MLK was a Nobel Peace prize winner.

• His message emphasized bringing unity to a divided country.

• He entered college when he was only 15 years old and graduated seven years later with a Ph.D. in theology.

• He was assassinated in 1968.

• On Oct. 19, 1983 the U.S. Senate passed a resolution creating the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. The bill was signed and enacted by President Ronald Reagan.

Bessie Smith

Mutual 3


Yet another year has rolled by, and another missed opportunity has slipped through our fingers to make the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. an official paid holiday for the staff and workers here in Leisure World.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday has been recognized as a federal and state holiday across this nation for many years. It is past due, in my estimation, that we join in acknowledging the contributions of this great American in our community as well.

This simple act, I feel, would go a long way toward enhancing the perception of our community as being one of welcoming for all.

It’s in the power of the Golden Rain Foundation board to do this, so let’s not allow another year slip by without recognizing MLK’s birthday as an official holiday here in LW, as it is across the rest of the nation.

Stevin Cohen

Mutual 14


I am extremely grateful to the News for once again publishing the club meeting schedule in every issue. A great many of us only keep the current week’s paper, so we are at a loss when the schedule is missing from it. Thank you so much.

Carol Olsen

Mutual 2


When a unit is put up for sale in Leisure World,it has to be inspected under our policy 7525. I understand that five mutuals have increased their inspection fees from $500 to $1,000.

In the outside world it would cost between $250-$300 for much bigger houses than we have in LW. So how can Mutuals 3,8,9,15 and 16 justify raising the inspection fee?

People who are against this fee should complain to their mutual directors to change it back when they sell their units.

Because the residents/heirs have to pay the $1,000 fee, it takes about an hour to do the inspection. The inspector is paid by the GRF and the rest goes to the mutual.

So speak up and be heard if you care.

Reggie Massey

Mutual 1


I have to report thefts in my unit where apparel, accessories and artifacts are missing, all of great sentimental value. I emptied closets to see what else has been taken. I often get blind phone calls to see if I’m at home. Who said that Leisure World is peaceful and safe?

Louisa de Sa

Mutual 4

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Dorothy Geisler of Mutual 2 is grateful to Helen Martin of Mutual 12 for donating gift wrapping paper to Colonial Care Center.


Louisa de Sa of Mutual 4 thanks Margie Miegs and Cathie Merz of The News for directing her to the appropriate editors for placement of her submissions to the paper.