Letter to the Editor Editor: “Not in my backyard ...
Newspapers and other media sources have lessened their outcry for water conservation. Unfortunately, the southern California drought continues. Initially, many LW mutuals cut back on watering the green areas.
Lately, pressured by residents who are upset by brown spots in their lawns, some mutuals have “caved to the majority,” and increased watering time.
When asked why we are now using more water we’re told to organize and become the vocal majority, then the board will listen.
Will those who see brown lawns as “a badge of honor” for preserving our natural resources ever become the majority? I think not. However, mutual boards might give serious thought to exercising their moral consciousness when they consider what is the greater good for our community.
Maria Giegerich
Mutual 6

Credits and Kudos

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Congratulations to Carol Herbert of Mutual 12, who found $1,058 in Laundry Room 72 and turned it over to the Security Dept. The money was then sent to the Seal Beach Police Dept.
Lisa A. Dickson of Mutual 1 was impressed by a recent performance by the All American Boys Chorus performance that included a variety of songs.
Gracie the cat, and her owner Betsy Brandel of Mutual 4 thank the residents of building 44 and everybody else who helped her get home when she was lost.