Letters to the Editor

Neighbors, be on the watch of your personal belongings after my three-year-old plumeria was stolen June 26 or 27.
It took three years for this beautiful plant to provide white, red and orange blossoms.
It was growing in a large clay pot and must have weighed about 40 pounds. Whoever took the plant was strong and obviously parked close to buildings 38/39.
The plant was in the back garden between apartments 39-A and B.
I doubt that I will ever see my plumeria again.
Also, branches are being pulled off the large yellow plumeria behind apartment 39-A. It would be better to ask me for a trimming instead of ruining the plant, which is more than seven years old.
Please do not accuse the gardeners of stealing. Why would they jeopardize their livelihood by taking a plant. And who would come back at night to steal a plant?
Most likely it is someone who frequents the walking path between buildings 38 and 39 and to the rear of the area.
Mary M. Romero
Mutual 15
Congratulations to Dr. Rudolf Haider, Medical Director at the Health Care Center, for presenting such interesting topics at his regular breakfast and lunch meetings with shareholders.
Dr. Nancy Sherman discussed breast cancer at the July 25 lunch hosted by the HCC. She spoke from her own first-hand experience and was very interesting.
As usual, a fine breakfast or lunch is provided, compliments of Dr. Haider.
I would suggest that other residents of Leisure World take advantage of this great opportunity later this month at the HCC.
Dorothy Geisler
Mutual 1
After reading the letter concerning the bus to Ralph’s, Target and Sprouts stores, I want to remind everyone of the bus that takes passengers to the Los Alamitos hospital complex on Katella.
I discovered the bus when construction started on the huge parking structure near Total Care, which took away so much of the available parking.
Now I rely completely on this bus.
Arthur Coleman has been the bus driver each time I’ve made the trip. He’s friendly and very helpful to all his passengers.
The bus leaves the Health Care Center on the hour (except noon) and easily gets people to any appointment set for on the half-hour.
Just plan accordingly.
Arthur begins pickup for the return to LW on the half-hour.
We are truly lucky to have these wonderful buses available for us.
Laura Arnold
Mutual 14

Credits and Kudos

Credits & Kudos must include the writer’s name and mutual, and will be edited for brevity. Mention of a business or service is not an endorsement or recommendation by the LW News or Golden Rain Foundation.

Entertainer Dee Booher, nicknamed “Glamazon Queen Kong,” is grateful to resident Lynn R. Heath for her energy and output, along with the entire group of The Company, for a great time at the recent auditions. It was an evening filled with the joy of friendship and extraordinary comraderie.
Mutual 1 resident Lisa A. Dickson is grateful to Zaldy Zita, Dial-a-Ride driver, for helping her with her groceries each week at Rossmoor Shopping Center.
 From Joyce Vlacic, Golden Age Foundation president, congratulations to Ruth Osborn of the News for leading excellent photo presentation of the GAF luncheon that appeared in the June 26 issue.