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Mutual 12 residents Frank and Joan Shramek thank all their the friends who remembered their 60th anniversary with e mails, cards and phone calls.

Mary M. Romero of Mutual 2 is grateful to the friendly and helpful members of the wood shop who repaired two broken wooden dining chairs she thought she would have to discard.

Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

Assembly Bill 1360 (Norma Torres), sponsored by the Community Associations Institute (CAI) would allow a homeowners association( HOA) the option to conduct an election via electronic voting.
The measure would require an HOA to give a member an opportunity to indicate if he or she wishes to vote electronically.
According to CAI, electronic transactions are already commonly used in California. They’re used to conduct voter registration, vehicle registration, driver’s licenses renewals, etc. and would give associations and their members an option that could save postage and paper costs while preserving natural resources. It would also increase voter participation.
The legislation has been approved by the full assembly and now awaits policy hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee

Member Column

by Dan Ballinger
Mutual 7

For 20 years, I have lived in one of the best places to live on earth, Leisure World.
My beloved wife, Norma, and I, celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary June 17 and we want to share our joy with all our dear neighbors.
We live in a Mutual 7, a northern part of Seal Beach, a small coastal town that spreads rambling over hills and gullies between here and the waters of the great Pacific Ocean, about three miles to the south.
We frequently drive south down Main Street that seems to keep going out from the colorful shops and stores on each side out over the water on the refreshing and breeze brushed pier.
We often see fisherman and fish. Once we spotted a manta ray at the very end, and occasionally see a dolphin gamboling up the dark blue waters farther out toward the open sea, and Catalina, etching a far, shimmering horizon.
After lunch by the beach adjacent to the centipede-like pier, we come return home to a town of about 9,000 precious and interesting souls. They have known many years trying to be caring and responsible humans in a world that often makes that a challenge.
Here, with these dear ones, we have continued to expand our perspectives on that challenge and to appreciate the rich variety of their stories contributing meaningfully to what this world, the big story, is all about.
Our faith has increased here and the few of those we have known more closely have helped us immensely with that. We will never forget and always be grateful.
They posses the unusual qualities of vision, humor, insight, encouragement, courage and humanity we have garnered from sitting by you and being allowed into where they live.
I could add more about the high value of health care and fulfilling associations and recreational activities LW provides.
We have often told outsiders that LW is very good for people active in their 50s who need outlets for their vital energy, and great for the others who need a lot of ongoing, daily help and care.
We bless you, our neighbors in our sweet town, and our friends, potential and actual that God may be seen be all of you as your trusted and revered friend, as we have seen him. And may this and all it entails keep your hearts in peace for all your years