Tournament Poker Club Phil Kay outdueled Susan Dodson at the final table June 7 to win the Tournament Poker Club event.
At the end of the last hand, Phil had a full house and Susan, a straight draw that was never completed. Phil won with his full house of 10-10-10-K-K.
Phil and Susan were followed by John DeMarco, Gary Carnes, Nancy Jordan, and Lucy Starkey. Bill Clawson dealt the final table.
Phil became a TPC member this year. Before retirement, he was a heavy equipment operator. He has lived in Leisure World Mutual 11 for six years.
His other hobbies are golf, pool, and bowling.
Tournament high hands went to Nancy Floyd with four queens and Dolien Nguyen with four 10s.
For club information call Susan Dodson, president, at 592-8911 or visit
Some residents have problems getting to the clubhouses for Saturday tournaments. To get a ride, call President Susan Dodson at 592-8911, and she will attempt to arrange transportation.

Sports Scoreboard

Fun Time Pinochle Club
winners June 16: Bonnie Smith,12,770; Joe Capra,11,330; Marilyn Allred, 11,170; Millie Santangelo,11,060. Games begin at noon, Mondays, in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Diane Van Wasshnova at 430-6590.
– Richard Van Wasshnova
Jolly Time Pinochle Club winners June 14: Barbara Claveau, 11,880; Cynthia Choate, 10,870; Peg Kaspar, 10,250; Joan Taylor, 9,370. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Peg Kaspar, 799-0433.
– Peg Kaspar
Burning Tree Duplicate Bridge Club (ACBL) pairs session winners June 14. NS: First in Strats A and B: Christine Frumen-Jaye Woodington; second in Strats A, B, and C: Julie Ann Cunningham-Audrey Healy. EW: First in Strat A: Verna Burns-Joan Tschirki; second in Strat Aand first in Strat B: Joyce Henderson-Judy Johnson; second in Strat B and first in Strat C: Chie Wickham-Sue Krause. Winners of the afternoon pairs session June 13: NS: First in Strats A, B, and C: Ted and Joan Wieber; second in Strats A and B: Joyce Basch-Nancy Lichter. EW: First in Strats A and B: Linda and Dick Stein; second in Strat A: Diane Schmitz-Sibyl Slutsky; second in Strat B and first in Strat C: Lottie Kostar-Dick Stammerjohn. Games are played at 12:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays in Clubhouse 1. Players are asked to arrive by 12:15 p.m. or if a partner is needed, by noon, and every effort will be made to find one. For reservations or cancellations Friday or Saturday, call Jaye Woodington at 799-1089. After noon, call Clubhouse 1 at 431-6586, ext. 381. Directors: Friday, Bud Parish; Saturday, Emma Trepinski. A charity game on June 21 will benefit Alzheimer’s research. The card fee will be $4.
– Sharon Beran
Saturday Social Bunco Club results from June 14: Most buncos: Suzanne Murphy. Most wins: Sheri LaRoche. Most babies: Pauline Fitzsimons. Most losses: Tie between Michelle Angevine and Louise Damron. Door prize winner: Grace Surprenant. The club’s next meeting is at 1 p.m., June 28, in the Clubhouse 3 Lobby. Signups begin at 12:15. Due to the demand for tables, a 12:30 arrival is advised. The club meets the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. For more information, call Mary Milhone, 430-4114.
–Doris Dack
Leisure World Duplicate Bridge Club overall winners in the club championship game June 12: First in Strats A and B: Joyce Henderson-Rob Preece; second in Strat A: Fay Beckerman-Marilyn McClintock; third in Strat A: Fern and Hank Dunbar; fourth in Strat A, second in Strat B and first in Strat C: Peggi Spring-Monica Gettis; fifth in Strat A and third in Strat B: Monica and Paul Honey; tie for fourth in Strat B: Howard Smith-Bill Linskey and Jane and Tom Gibbons; second in Strat C: Richard Stammerjohn-George Koehm; third in Strat C: Mary Atwood-Julie Mills. Winners in the regular game June 9: NS: First in Strats A and B: Joan and Ted Wieber; second in Strats A and B: Fred Benedetti-Simone Chottin; third in Strat A: Ruth Kaller-Fay Beckerman; fourth in Strat A: Bee Kinman-Bill Linskey; fifth in Strat A: Diane Sachs-Rob Preece; first in Strat C: Cookie Pham-Thuan Gwynn. EW: First in Strat A: Eileen Nelson-Dorothy Favre; second in Strat A and first in Strat B: Joyce Henderson-Howard Smith; third in Strat A: Fern Dunbar-Lavonne McQuilkin; fourth in Strat A: Sharon Beran-Hanefi Erten; fifth in Strat A and second in Strat B: Jane and Tom Gibbons; sixth in Strat A, third in Strat B and first in Strat C: Chie Wickham-Kar-Yee Nelson. Games are played Mondays and Thursdays in the Clubhouse 3 Lobby beginning at 12:30 p.m. Players are asked to arrive by 12:15 p.m. to confirm their reservations or by noon without a partner. To get a partner, or to make or cancel a reservation on Mondays, call Midge Dunagan at 594-9698; on Thursdays, call Cookie Pham at 431-6453. To cancel a reservation on game day or report a late arrival, call 481-7368 between noon-1 p.m.
– Gene Yaffee

Friendly Pinochle Club games from June 12: Grace Buster, 14,400; Barbara Claveau, 12,500; Gene Smith, 12,460; Gladys Mc Sweeny, 11,130. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Thursdays in Clubhouse 1.
– Jim Kaspar
Tuesday Bridge Club
games from June 10: Bob Priest, Paul Orris, Ethel Orris. Games begin at 4:45 p.m., in Clubhouse 1. All bridge players are invited and should plan to arrive between 4:30-5 p.m., with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807.
– Dave Tubbs
Monday Bridge Club winners from June 9:Dorothy Krauss, Bob Priest, Mary Jane Tuche. Winners from June 2: Dorothy Kemper, Bob Priest, Mary Jean Tuche. Games begin at 11:45 a.m. in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807.

Cribbage Club

Mary Porter and Marilyn McClintock had perfect scores of 847 to tie for first place June 10 in Cribbage Club play.
May has been a regular for several years and Marilyn McClintock was playing with the club for the second time.
Both players were awarded a star on their name badges, Mary’s second and Marilyn’s first.
Second was Treasurer Sandra Holt, with an 841, followed by Mary Greytak, 840; and Jim Kaspar, 833.
President Patti Smith had six 121 games to win a consolation prize.
Peggy McKendrick celebrated her birthday this month by treating members to three homemade cakes.
The club furnished ice cream to go with her cakes. Margaret Smith helped Peggy with the serving.
The club meets at noon, Tuesdays, in Clubhouse 1. All residents who play cribbage are welcome to join.
To learn the game or just brush up, call Patti Smith at 242-4674 and she will have an instructor available at 11 a.m. before the games.
Those who arrive by 12:15 will be assigned to tables of four. Seven games are usually completed by 3 p.m.
Partners are not needed, but will be provided if needed.
All who would like to play or would like to learn the game are invited to join the group.
The starting time for the games is noon.
Seven games are played, changing from table-to-table with others.
– Carlene LeCocq

Chess Club

This week’s puzzle: White moves first and for any answer by black, the white’s next move is checkmate. See answers, page 24.
Solution to this week’s puzzle: Qb5. The white queen moves from b4 to b5. Any answer by black, the white’s next move is check mate.
Chess partners are available when the Leisure World Chess Club meets from 2-8 p.m., Fridays, in Clubhouse 3, Room 7. Beginners are welcome for free lessons.

Men’s Golf Club Tournament

by Jim Kaspar
LW contributor

 Byron Schweitzer was welcomed to Leisure World Men’s Golf Club June 10 tournament last week when he recorded a hole-in-one on cup No. 2, collecting a nice reward of $184. He also won the closest-to-the-pin prize on the 17th hole at 1 foot, 4 inches for another cash award.
On the eighth hole, Rick Lingenfelter joined in the money parade after his ball settled in at 4-9.
There was a remarkably low payoff for circle-hole cash with only one winner in 264 attempts.
 All tournament scores are recorded as net results.
 Sung E. Kim and Bob Turner shared first-place honors for the low-handicap first flight with matching 52s. Tom Soonthorn was second at 53, followed by Young Lee, 54; and the trio of Jim Dickerson, Chi Lee and Fujio Norihiro, tied for fourth with 55s.
 Bob Barnum’s 47, low for the tournament, was good for a win in the second flight. K.W. Jeon and Byron Schweitzer tied for second, followed by Bob Gass and Don Kim, 51; Bill Tushar, 53; and Mike Oh, 55.
Ron Pine shot a 48 to win in the third flight. Allen Bourhenne, 49, was second, followed by Don Roswurm, 51; Youn Lee, Bob Marselle, Ed Milbrandt, Art Salazar and Gene Weller, 52; and Chang Choi, 53, to end the prize scoring for the flight.
 Fourth flight scoring was led by Ken Goettsch’s 49. Bill Lesher and Bob Looney shared second at 51, followed by Bruce Scheuermann, 52; Marv Jones, John Lauzon and Frank Shramek, tied with 54s and Ed Bogdan, 55.
Other recent aces: April 21 was the date for Gee Gee Kwak’s perfect shot on the first hole, said witness Rick Lingenfelter.
Hae Lee hit the fourth, No. 1 handicap cup for the course April 21, as seen by Kay Joo, Soo Kim and Helen Kim.
 Margie Thompson nailed the eighth cup May 3 and had another hole-in-one May 28 on the seventh green, her 16th career ace. Both shots were witnessed by Walt Bier.
 Tom Morris hit the third cup May 5, witnessed by Gee Gee Kwak.
 Frank Shramek picked on the third hole for his ace on May 6. Fred Howe witnessed it.

Saltwaters Club

Saltwaters, the Leisure World club for all ocean activities, will meet at 3:30 p.m., Sunday, June 22, at Don the Beachcomber Restaurant in the city of Surfside. The address is 16278 Pacific Coast Highway. Newcomers are welcome.
Members will gather to talk about upcoming summer activities and enjoy “pupu’s” (Hawaiian for hors d’ oeuvres).
They will discuss seaworthy endeavors such as deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, stand-up paddling or just a walk by the ocean.
Shareholders are invited to bring a friend and meet people with similar interests.
The restaurant has a flavor of the Hawaiian Islands, yet is near Seal Beach.
It has inside waterfalls, hand-carved tikis, tapa wall art and bamboo.
For further details and carpooling from Clubhouse 6, contact Sam Mooney at 896-1908 or Kathryn Courtney at 756-3701.
Reservations are not necessary yet appreciated.

Ladies Golf Club

A field of 45 members of the Ladies Golf Club participated in the weekly nine-hole tournament June 10. Play was low gross, low net and birdies.
Ann Tran had a special day by getting a hole-in-one on the second hole. Members brought $1 each this week to replenish the pot.  
Flight A: Low gross: Tie among Ann Tran, Helen Kim, Bert Thompson and Susie Kim, 31.Low net: Tie between Helen Yoon and Soo Choi, 27.
Birdies: Bert Thompson, No. 5; Soo Choi, 7.
Flight B: Low gross: Tie between Mary Greig and Sun Lee, 30. Low net: Mary Lancaster, 25. Birdies: Mary Greig, 5; Neva Senske, 5.
Flight C: Low gross: Joyce Basch, 32. Low net: Ardie Griepsma, 23. Birdies: Joyce Basch, 7; Jean Cose, 2; Soo Kim, 8; Dorothy Favre, 7; Joyce Bizzell, 8.
Flight D: Low gross: Laura Garcia, 34. Low net: Evelyn Scherber, 22. Birdies: Laura Garcia, 8.
– Linda Herman

Friday Golf

Jim Dickerson was low net winner with a 64 in the first flight June 13 in Friday Golf Group play at the Riverview course. Paul Cose and Tom McCullough tied for second place with a 67, followed by Merle McGee, 70; and Bill McKusky, 73.
Birds were made by Paul Cose with two and Jim Dickerson, one.
Sang Kim won the second flight with a 73, followed by Lowell Goltra and Marvin Ballard, who tied with 74; and Ron Maddox, 81.
Closest to the pin winner was Sang Kim at the ninth hole.
Hole 2 is a carryover to Willowick tomorrow, Friday, at the fourth.
There were no birds in the second flight.
– Merle McGee

Monday Golf

Willowick was playing tough for the Monday Golf Group June 9 and didn’t give up many low scores.
Tom McCullough and Bill McKusky had matching 69s to win the first flight and Bill had low putts of 30. Rich Miller carded a 70 for third, followed by Merle McGee, Larry Hillhouse, Jim Dickerson and Paul Cose.
Larry and Jim had the only two birdies.
Marv Ballard had a trifecta in the second flight, winning with a 69, collecting low putts of 31 and was closest to the pin on the 12th hole.
David Johns was second and was closest to the pin on the fourth hole, followed by Lowell Goltra. Bob Looney, Ed Dragan, Mike Looney and Ron Maddox rounded out the flight.
Next play will be June 23 at Meadowlark.