Letters to the Editor Editor: In reply to Gene Yaffee’s letter (The News, May 22) that was a reply to Norma Poe’s letter (The News, May 15) I, too, reside in Mrs. Poes’ building, and also had my donation to the post office’s hunger drive pilfered last year, along with other residents’ packages.
I say pilfered, as they were “cherry picked.”
Adding insult to injury, the individual picked out what he or she wanted and left bags with just a few items. A hungry, needy person grabs the bag and takes whatever is in it.
I’m sure there are people in our community in need, but there are many agencies available for that purpose.
They include Feeding America, a most worthwhile charity, all houses of worship regardless of denomination and the food bank program in Leisure World.
Stealing is stealing, no matter how you slice it. It’s worse when its taken from people in real need.
Mrs. Yaffee’s example of the hungry child, who told of his plight, was a quick response from those who could help, and now he receives free meals at school. He did not take anything from anyone.
Shame on that thief and that kind of behavior should not be condoned.
Syd Pomi
Mutual 1
Last year the City of Seal Beach,with help from several Leisure World residents, made applications for a federal grant to improve and cover the open channel bifurcating Golden Rain Road. Unfortunately, we did not receive the grant. 
The open channel lies totally within the gates of LW along Golden Rain Road. By covering the channel, driving lanes could be widened and parking spaces could be added, eliminating red curbs. 
Seeking this grant also began two conversations within the community, how to deal with the ugliness of the channel and how to develop an alternate entrance and/or exit into LW that was not from Seal Beach Boulevard.
Briefly, the strongest suggestion was to place a south gate near the existing signal light, at the Orange/Los Angeles county line.
This project will take time and effort. The Golden Rain Foundation Board must be committed to getting this done. It will also require more than setting up another committee to do a study. 
It involves actually setting up discussion groups to determine what the community wants and entering into a dialog with the Army Corps of Engineers, Orange County Flood Control District, and officials at the Naval Weapons Station to determine if and how such a project can become a reality. 
It will also mean the GRF Board will have to commit to setting up a line item in the budget to begin saving the funds necessary to build a new structure. Funding for this project will likely take years to accumulate. 
Sandra Massa-Lavitt
Mutual 5

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Eve Magnus is grateful to the cab driver who took her home from the emergency hospital saw her to her door in Mutual 14 and assisted her safely into her house.

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Senior Patriots for Peace was incorrectly referred to as Seniors Patriots Against the War, its former title, in a story last week.