PAGE 1 JUNE 12 2014 PARTYLINE 3rd ANNUAL MUTUAL 3 PICNIC: Mutual 3 will host its third annual picnic on Saturday, June 21, on the grounds of Mutual 3. There will be barbecued hamburgers and Hebrew National hot dogs, side dishes, desserts and more. The event will feature music, magic, games and a 50/50 drawing. About 150 neighbors and friends turned out for the event the last two years. There is no charge for Mutual 3 shareholders who RSVP to Sandy Geffner by June 13. For more information, see the flyer that was distributed last week, or check the laundry rooms or the minutes of the May meeting.

TAI CHI CHANGE: Jerry Cohen who teaches tai chi on Monday mornings said the class is temporarily suspended. He will give people notice in the GR News when classes resume.

New 3-way stop signage will soon be installed at St. Andrews Drive and Interlachen Road. Drivers should use caution in the construction zone. The purpose of the traffic change is to enhance safety at the intersection. Pedestrians, cyclists and scooter operators should use caution at the new stop until everyone adapts to it.

As one of many services to Leisure World, the Golden Age Foundation collects batteries to recycle at the Hospitality Center in Clubhouse 6 and the Golden Rain News Office. GAF volunteers collect the batteries. People may deposit old AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt and small round flat batteries. Each site has a labeled container. Small lead-acid batteries, such as those in Life Line units, must be handled separately. Automobile and scooter batteries, and light bulbs, may be deposited in a bin near the maintenance yard. They cannot be recycled with household batteries.

THE GOLDEN RAIN BOARD for 2014-15 is comprised of Kathleen Rapp, Mutual 7 (l-r, back row); Barry Lukoff, Mutual 14; Steven McGuigan, Mutual 8; Betty Coven, Mutual 5; Corporate Secretary Mary Wood, Mutual 6; Vice President Carole Damoci, Mutual 12; Lou Krieger, Mutual 9; Joy Reed, Mutual 4; Mario Michaelides, Mutual 1; and Ron Kravitz, Mutual 15; and in the front row, Deputy Secretary Perry Moore, Mutual 17; Paula Snowden, Mutual 2; John DeMarco, Mutual 2; Treasurer Linda Stone, Mutual 3; President Ronde Winkler, Mutual 10; Larry Blake, Mutual 1; Denis Craig, Mutual 11; and Tim Bolton, Mutual 16.

The 51st Golden Rain Foundation Annual Meeting was held June 10 in Clubhouse 4, with GRF President Mario Michaelides calling the meeting to order. Larry Norlander representing the American Legion Post 327 led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mr. Michaelides thanked the board members for “their hard work and dedication. The year was full of challenges, but with encouragement from the membership and assistance from staff, it’s been productive and successful.”
He gave special recognition to the four directors who are retiring from the board this year: Anne Seifert, Mutual 2; Betty Osborne, Mutual 4; Pat Lay Wilson, Mutual 8; and Mike Supple, Mutual 14.
“The board thanks these directors for their service and wishes them success and happiness in their new retirement,” he said.
Four newly elected directors were welcomed: Paula Snowden, Mutual 2; Joy Reed, Mutual 4; Steven McGuigan, Mutual 8; and Barry Lukoff, Mutual 14. They were installed at the end of the meeting.
In his annual report, Mr. Michaelides underscored several highlights, including that the community passed the Foundation’s Trust amendment, extending its expiration date to 2044. He congratulated and thanked Randy Ankeny on his first year as GRF executive director, praising his professionalism and consistent drive for excellence and to make Leisure World a better place.
GRF committee chairpersons delivered their annual reports as follows: Communications Committee, Betty Coven; Executive Committee, Mike Supple; Finance Committee, Ronde Winkler; Information Technology Services Committee, Denis Craig; Library Committee, Mary Wood; Physical Property Committee, Larry Blake; Recreation Committee, Anne Seifert; and Security, Bus & Traffic Committee, Ron Kravitz. The committee reports will be published as part of the 2014 annual meeting minutes in Golden Rain News.
GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny gave a report before the meeting was adjourned.
At the conclusion of the annual meeting, the GRF Board of Directors convened a special meeting in Clubhouse 4 for the purpose of organization.
The board elected Ronde Winkler, president; Carole Damoci, vice president; Mary Wood, corporate secretary; Linda Stone, treasurer, and Perry Moore, deputy secretary.

DOCUMENT SHREDDING DAY—Bring sensitive documents to shred from 8-10 a.m., June 18, in the parking lot of Clubhouse 2. The Golden Age Foundation is sponsoring the service. Come early to get in line as scores showed up for the last GAF-sponsored shred day in April (above). The truck will leave promptly at 10.

Nightly closures are scheduled on portions of the westbound SR-22, southbound I-605, northbound I-405 and southbound I-405 freeways, Seal Beach Boulevard and Old Ranch Parkway through Saturday, June 14. The work is part of the West County Connectors project to link carpool lanes.

Leisure World Seal Beach resident June Brady is one of 760 residents who have participated in a free bathroom improvement program funded by a federal grant administered through the City of Seal Beach.
“I’m very happy,” said Ms. Brady. “They did a beautiful job and were very clean.”
Over the past eight years, the City of Seal Beach has applied and received federal grant funds through the County of Orange and from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The grant funds are targeted for Leisure World seniors and are specifically used to cut the wall of the existing tubs to a few inches. The tubs are refinished to look like new, and a new glass shower door enclosure is installed.
The process converts the tub/shower combination into a shower only. The improvement eliminates the need for people to lift one leg up and over the tub wall, which is especially precarious when standing barefoot on a wet surface.
In addition, the grant funds can also be used to replace an existing toilet with a high-boy toilet; further assisting seniors. “The Leisure World Bathroom Remodel Program is a rewarding and beneficial program designed to accommodate the resident with a more convenient and safe method to access the bathroom shower,” says Jim Basham, Seal Beach community development director.
To qualify, applicants must meet certain income guidelines. In addition to the income requirements, a licensed medical doctor must complete the Doctor’s Analysis Form (included in the application) that rates the physical condition of the applicant with respect to mobility problems, pain with movement or trouble with balance. This rating allows the program to help the most needy applicants.
The bathroom improvement process is coordinated by CivicStone, a company hired by the City of Seal Beach to review all applications and manage the construction improvements with the approved contractors. Once approved for the program and scheduled for work, the improvements usually take less than a week to complete.
The 2014-2015 program begins July 1, and applications are currently being accepted.
To receive more information, answer questions, and start the application process, contact CivicStone at (909) 364-9000. The City of Seal Beach will a conduct an application workshop on Thursday, July 17, Clubhouse 4, Section A, from 2-5:30 pm. To expedite applications, people should bring their latest IRS tax return (if applicable), most recent bank statements, and investment statements.

On June 17, Time Warner Cable is making the final move to all-digital to bring customers the clearest picture and sound quality possible.
Starting June 17, either a cable box or digital adapter will be required to watch all channels on Time Warner Cable.
Digital adapters are being provided to customers free of charge through the end of 2015.
Time Warner Cable started the transition to all-digital on June 3. At that time, some Time Warner channels were removed on TVs that didn’t have a Time Warner cable box or digital adapter.
People who don’t know if they have the proper equipment on their TVs should call Superwire at 735-0368 or 735-0366, or Time Warner at (866) 550-3211. Residents may also visit the Superwire office next to the Leisure World Library.
—Bob McCauley, Superwire