PARTY LINE TRAVEL PARTNER: Pauline Siler of Mutual 15 is looking for a roommate for a trip to Chicago/Springfield, Ill., for five days, four nights Sept 2-6. For more information, call Pauline at 596-8945.

FRIENDS BOOKSTORE: There is a greeting card sale at the Friends of the Library Bookstore adjacent to the Leisure World Libary. All cards are 25 cents. The bookstore is open weekdays from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

AARP: A volunteer is needed to keep the AARP Smart Driver Program in Leiure World. The volunteer is responsible for writing articles for the GR News and other tasks. Training will be provided. For more information, call Betty Adams of Mutual 15 at 936-1333.

SAFETY REMINDER: Judy Belladella of Mutual 12 wants to remind people to check their brake lights. She has recently seen several motorists with only one light.

EMERGENCY SERVICE: Seal Beach City Mayor Ellery Deaton reminds LWers: Now that many no longer have land line phones, it is important to know that if you dial 911 from your cell phones, you most likely will not be connected to the local Dispatch Center, causing delays in emergency service. In case of emergency, use a land line and dial 911 if possible. If it is not possible, then call the dispatch center directly from your cell phone at 594-7232.

GOLDEN AGE FOUNDATION: The Golden Age Foundation sponsors a Hospitality Center in Clubhouse 6 on weekdays from 9-11 a.m. The program needs six needs substitutes and regular volunteer to operate five days a week. That’s two hours of serving coffee, tea and cookies to guests. A friendly attitude is the only requirement. Call Sandra Massa-Lavitt at (714)325-0292 and leave a message.

by Cathie Merz
staff editor

Leisure Worlders Wilma Glenn, Mutual 1, and Charles Lange, Mutual 11, are Seal Beach Rite-Aid’s “favorite customers, ” and as such, they had the honor of cutting the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony of the new store in The Shops at Rossmoor on May 28.
Also participating in the ceremony were SB Mayor Ellery Deaton and SB Police Capt.Tim Olsen, Rite-Aid’s district manager Peggy Pfaltzgraff and other district liaisons.
Mayor Deaton expressed her appreciation to have Rite-Aid relocated close to Leisure World, “a very important segment of the Seal Beach population.”
Store Manager John Rice is happy to be back and welcomes LWers. He is also excited to show off his new store and its new wellness concept. 
The store has a whole new look and a wellness ambassador greeting and listening to customers near the door.
The wellness ambassador is a liaison between the front end of the store and the pharmacy. 
Since the pharmacy is the main feature of the store, a “yellow brick road” of bamboo tile directs customers to the green wall near the rear of the store. Kelly Bond is the pharmacy manager
Large circular signs hang from the ceiling indicating the different sections of the store.
Lower shelving helps to make the signs highly visible. 
Wilma said she has been a customer of Rite-Aid (Thrifty Drug Store) for 57 years.
Rite-Aid bought Thrifty Drugs, a California-based drugstore chain, but the Thrifty name and logo live on as Thrifty Ice Cream. 
As a means to persuade customers and their families to return to their stores on a regular basis, Thrifty (and later Rite Aid) keeps its ice cream prices low without sacrificing quality. Single, double or triple dip cones, notable for their iconic cylindrical shape sold for nickle a scoop as late as the 1970s. Thrifty Ice Cream has received a total of 24 gold medals at the L.A. County Fair, more than any other competitor.
The award winning creamy treat is also available in cartons to take home. Thrifty Ice Cream is manufactured at the Thrifty creamery in El Monte, Calif.
Rite-Aid was located in the Rossmoor Shopping Center 10 years ago. When redevelopment of the area began, the drug store relocated to the north end of the center into a vacant bank building. When the redevelopment project moved north Rite-Aid relocated further north on Los Alamitos Boulevard near Katella Avenue in Los Alamitos.
Rite-Aid is “wellness-driven” and wants to give back to the community. 
Rite Aid is the third largest drugstore chain in the U.S.

GOLDEN AGE FOUNDATION—DLD Insurance Brokers President Dana Dowers (2nd from left) presents a check to GAF President Joyce Vlaic (holding check) for this year’s annual GAF Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, “Thanks A Million,” set for June 26 at 11:30 a.m. in Clubhouse 2. DLD was also represented by Sandy Sikora and Jill Clark (flanking Mr. Dowers). Also shown are GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny (5th from left) next to GAF Vice President Maureen Habel, GAF luncheon chair Gail Levitt and GAF Secretary Carol Piepenburg.

The 2014 Golden Rain Foundation Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, June 10, at 2 p.m. in Clubhouse 4. The tentative agenda is printed on page 5 of the Government section of today’s paper. All shareholders are invited to attend.

A special meeting of the Golden Rain Board of Directors was held at 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 3, in Clubhouse 4 for the purpose of starting the counting process for the election of GRF Directors representing even-numbered mutuals. The results of the ballot count are as follows, with winners’ names bolded:
•Mutual 2: John DeMarco, 296; Paula Snowden, 259; Paul Pratt, 247. Quorum only: 2. Abstain: 0.
•Mutual 4: Joy Reed, 160; Mike Leviton (write-in), 1. Quorum only: 2. Abstain: 12.
•Mutual 6: Mary Wood, 177. Quorum only: 1. Abstain: 4.
•Mutual 8: Steven McGuigan, 141. Quorum only: 3. Abstain: 4.
•Mutual 10: Ronde Winkler, 151. Quorum only: 3. Abstain: 1.
•Mutual 12: Carole Damoci, 204. Quorum only: 1. Abstain: 4.
•Mutual 14: Barry Lukoff, 123. Quorum only: 2. Abstain: 6.
•Mutual 16: Tim Bolton, 31. Quorum only: 1. Abstain: 1.
The minutes of the June 3 board meeting will be published in the Golden Rain News upon approval at the July Board meeting.

The Golden Rain Foundation is proud to present Amphitheater Season 2014, which will begin Thursday, July 3, and end Thursday, Sept. 11. Shows will begin at 8 p.m. until September, when they will start at 7:30.
The minibus and will make a special evening run Thursdays to accommodate shareholders attending Amphitheater shows.
The show schedule is on page 13 and online at LWers can also find Amphitheater rules and new policies from the Golden Rain Foundation Recreation Committee to ensure that all GRF members have seats for the most popular shows.
Policy 5562, Amphitheater Programs, now states that when a program is considered to be popular and a large audience is expected, GRF members will be limited to one non-resident guest. GRF identification is required.
Caregivers may not attend Amphitheater programs unless they are on duty and accompanied by their employer/foundation member.
Caregiver badges must be worn.
Shows that require limited attendance are indentified in the Amphitheater show schedule in the Arts section and online.
For more information, call Terry DeLeon, GRF physical property/recreation supervisor, 431-6586, ext. 350.

New 3-way stop signage will soon be installed at St. Andrews Drive and Interlachen Road. Drivers should use caution in the construction zone.
The purpose of the traffic change is to enhance safety at the intersection. Pedestrians, cyclists and scooter operators should use caution at the new stop until everyone adapts to it.
The work is now under way.
—Mark Weaver,
Community Facilities Manager