Sports Scoreboard Fun Time Pinochle Club winners May 26: Jim Kaspar, 12,230; Peg Kaspar,11,660; Richard Van Wasshnova,10,140; Gene Smith, 9,990. Games begin at noon, Mondays, in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Diane Van Wasshnova at 430-6590.
– Richard Van Wasshnova
Jolly Time Pinochle Club winners May 31: Grace Buster, 12,380; Joan Taylor, 11,930; Fred Claveau, 9,540; Jim Kaspar, 9,530.Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Peg Kaspar, 799-0433.
– Peg Kaspar
Burning Tree Duplicate Bridge Club (ACBL) winners of the pairs session May 31: First in Strats A, B, and C: Joan and Ted Wieber; second in Strat A: Pamela Cole-Larry Slutsky; third in Strat A: Jaye Woodington-Verna Burns; second in Strat B: Stan Blitz-Dorothy Favre. EW: First in Strat A: Diane Sachs-Marilyn McClintock; second in Strat A: Sue Fardette-Sibyl Slutsky; third in Strat A and first in Strats B and C: Dick Stammerjohn-Sylvia Kaprelyan; second in Strat B: Joyce Newton-Ron McClintock. Winners of the pairs session May 30: NS: First in Strat A: Verna Burns-Jaye Woodington; second in Strat A: Ruth Kaller-Dorothy Favre; third in Strat A: Bee Kinman-Howard Smith; fourth in Strat A and first in Strat B: Cooie and Jack Dampman; second in Strat B and first in Strat C: Cookie Pham-Chuck Cutchshaw. EW: First in Strat A: Richard and Linda Stein; second in Strat A: Sibyl Slutsky-Diane Schmitz; third in Strat A: Ron and Marilyn McClintock; fourth in Strat A and first in Strat B: Joyce Basch-Verna Becker; second in Strat B and first in Strat C: Nancy Smith-Kathy Byrne. Games are played at 12:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. Players are requested to arrive by 12:15 p.m. or if a partner is needed, by noon, and every effort will be made to find one. For reservations or cancellations Friday or Saturday, call Jaye Woodington at 799-1089. After noon, call the Clubhouse 1 at 431-6586, ext. 381. Director both days was Emma Trepinski. On June 21, the club will hold a charity game to benefit Alzheimer’s research. The card fee will be $4.
– Sharon Beran
Leisure World Duplicate Bridge Club winners in the Thursday afternoon game May 29: NS: First in Strat A: Ruth Kaller-Marilyn McClintock; second in Strat A and first in Strats B and C: Sue McHale-Jean Byer; tied for third in Strat A and second in Strat B: Judy Carter-Johnson-Gene Yaffee and Joe FioRica-Shirley Knopf; fifth in Strat A, fourth in Strat B and second in Strat C: Julia Ann Cunningham-Midge Dunagan. EW: First in Strat A: Eileen Nelson-Bill Linskey; second in Strat A: Linda Stein-Betty Witteried; third in Strat A, first in Strats B and C: Chie Wickham-Sue Krause; fourth in Strat A and second in Strat B: Jane and Tom Gibbons; fifth in Strat A and third in Strat B: Monica and Paul Honey; second in Strat C: Harshad Vora and Betty Sichel. Winners in the Monday afternoon game May 26: NS: First in Strat A: Bee Kinman-Verna Burns; second in Strat A and first in Strat B: Sue Fardette-Vince Remedios; third in Strat A: Diane Sachs-Hank Dunbar; fourth in Strat A: Judy Jones-John Killian; fifth in Strat A: Betty Jackson-Larry Slutsky; sixth in Strat A and second in Strat B: Norma Krueger-Carmen Gross; first in Strat C: George Koehm-Jean Byer. EW: First in Strat A: Bill Linskey-Joan Tschirki; second in Strat A and first in Strat B: Fay Beckerman-Marilyn McClintock; third in Strat A: Stan Blitz-Dorothy Favre; fourth in Strat A and second in Strat B: Judy Carter-Johnson-Rob Preece; fifth in Strat A and third in Strat B: Peggi Spring-Monica Gettis; first in Strat C: Rhea Scharf-Ron Yaffee; second in Strat C: Chie Wickham-Kar-Yee Nelson. Games are played Mondays and Thursdays in the Clubhouse 3 Lobby beginning at 12:30 p.m. Players are asked to arrive by 12:15 p.m. to confirm their reservations or by noon without a partner. To get help finding a partner or to make or cancel a reservation on Mondays, call Midge Dunagan at 594-9698. On Thursdays, call Cookie Pham at 431-6453. To cancel a reservation on game day or to report a late arrival, call 481-7368 between noon-1 p.m.
– Gene Yaffee

Friendly Pinochle Club games from May 29: Chuck Cutchshaw, 12,140; Bonnie Smith, 11,990; Mary Skelcher, 11,970; Marilyn Allred, 11,960. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Thursdays in Clubhouse 1.
– Jim Kaspar
Tuesday Bridge Club games from May 27: Donna Cooper, Mary Nell Clark, Evelyn Smith. Games begin at 5 p.m., in Clubhouse 1. All bridge players are invited and should plan to arrive between 4:30-5 p.m., with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807.
– Dave Tubbs
Monday Bridge Club games May 26: Donna Cooper, Phyllis Kale, Pauline Fitzsimons. Games begin at noon in Clubhouse 1. All bridge players are invited and should arrive between 11:45-noon, with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807.
– Dave Tubbs

Ladies Golf Club

A beautiful day brought out 45 members of the Ladies Golf Club to the Leisure World course May 27, for the weekly nine-hole tournament.
Play for the day was low net and chip-ins.
Flight A: Low net: Yvonne Yim, 23.
Flight B: Low net: Ida Jose, 22.
Flight C: Low net: Marilyn Goettsch, 22. Chip-ins: Myung Kim, Patti Smith and Sandra deDubovay, No. 7; Kathy Gupton, 8.
Flight D: Low net: Mary Lou Richards, 15. Chip-ins: Chris Cisneros, 3; Laura Garcia, 5.
– Linda Herman

Chess Club

This week’s puzzle: White moves first and for any answer by black, the white’s next move is checkmate.
Chess partners are available when the Leisure World Chess Club meets from 2-8 p.m., Fridays, in Clubhouse 3, Room 7, and Wednesdays, beginning June 21, at 2 p.m., under the umbrellas at the swimming pool. Chess players should request the key from the lifeguard for the chess sets. Newcomers are welcome.
Solution to this week’s puzzle: Bf4. The white Bishop moves from d6 to f4. Any answer by black, the white’s next move is check mate.

Cribbage Club

by Carlene LeCocq
LW contributor

Norman Martin scored an 841 to finish first at the May 27 meeting of the Cribbage Club.
He was followed by Scott Boeger, 837; club treasurer Sandra Holt, 835; and Ron McClintock, who joined the club in time to score an 832.
Sunne Mahood had six 121s to win a consolation prize. Joe Notrica had no wins and also collected a consolation prize.
In addition to Ron McClintock and wife, Marilyn, Keith Thomas is also a new member after playing the previous week as a guest.
Refreshments were furnished in celebration of Eleanor Morrison’s birthday. She served a decorated cake, and Bob Marselle furnished ice cream.
Plans are under way for the July 4 picnic that will include games.
All residents are welcome to join the group at noon, Tuesdays, in Clubhouse 1. They should arrive by 12:15, to be assured of a table of four.  
Seven games are played and all players finish around 3:30 p.m.  Partners are not needed.
As games are won, the winners move on to another table. 
To learn the game or just brush up, call Patti Smith, club president, at 242-4674. She will arrange lessons in Clubhouse 1 at 11 a.m. before the games start. 
The previous week, the overall winner was Sandra deDubovay with a perfect score of 847 for the 19th star on her badge.
She was followed by Nancy Demery, 843; Bea Lissow, 837 and Fred Claveau. 834.
It was a great day for Walter Freitas, who had a 28 score in one hand to win a $25 prize.
Scott Boeger and Alice Buckle treated members to cake and ice cream in celebration of their birthdays.

Men’s Pool and Billiards Club

The Men’s Pool and Billiards Club played a partners 9-ball tournament last week after the beer bust. Names were drawn for partners and eight teams were formed in an alternate shot double-elimination format.
Nine balls are racked with the 9-ball in the middle and the 1-ball in front. Players shoot at the lowest numbered ball on the table, and the game is won when the 9 is made on a legal shot.
Bobby Stringer and Bill Clawson went through undefeated, beating the third place team of Rod Ellis and Dave Silva when Bill made a 3-9 combination in the side pocket.
That advanced Bill and Bobby to the finals, where they faced Ren Villenueva and Boon Buntrakulsur, the combo they beat in an earlier round.
Bill and Bobby needed to win only one game, and they did it quickly when Bill Clawson made the 9 on the break.
– Dave Silva

Tournament Poker Club

Free breakfast buffet is included at the Tournament Poker Club’s Hawaiian Gardens Tournament Saturday, June 14.
Friends and family members 21 and older are welcome. To register by mail, send checks for $15 per person by June 7 made out to the Tournament Poker Club by Saturday June 7, to Cleo Looney, 1150 Northwood Rd., 166-F, Seal Beach, CA, 90740.
For additional information about the event, call Cleo at 342-9400.
Some residents have problems getting to the clubhouses and to off-site tournaments like the Hawaiian Gardens Tournament in June.
For those who need rides to Saturday poker tournaments, call President Susan Dodson at 592-8911 and she will see if another resident can provide transportation.
– Margaret Gillon

Monday Golf

Jim Dickerson returned to the victory lane in Monday Golf Group play May 30 with a 54 to win the first flight at the Baker course.
He was followed by Bill McKusky, 56; Merle McGee, 58; Paul Cose and Tom McCullough, tied for fourth place at 59; and Rich Miller, 61.
Bill McKusky had two birds and Jim Dickerson and Merle McGee, one each.
Jim Dickerson won closest to the pin honors at the third hole and Tom McCullough at No. 12.
Sank Kim won the second flight with a 55. Marvin Ballard, always effective at Baker, scored a 56 for the second place. He was followed by Ron Maddox, 58; Mike Breen, 59; and Ed Dragan also was under net par at a 61.
The second flight had a carryover that was won by birds from Sang Kim, Ron Maddox, Ed Dragan, and Lowell Goltra.
– Merle McGee