Letters to the Editor Editor: Norma Poe thinks that someone who steals food left in the lobby of Mutual 17 for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is wrong (The News May 15).
Gene Yaffe of Mutual 15 thinks it is okay because there may be extenuating circumstances (The News, May 22).
Stealing is wrong, period. Leisure World has more than one program in place that assists those in need; all you have to do is ask.
This is just my opinion, and you know what they say about pinions.
Shannon Brennan
Mutual 17
For whatever reason, many residents do not attend the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) meetings or mutual meetings, but we can read the minutes of the board meetings in the Golden Rain News to find out what’s happening.
For example, at the March 25 meeting, amend Policy 5562 Amphitheater program, recreation supervisor to change resident to member and remove the $15,000 per show cost limit; contract programs at or less than the budget amount and limit the number of non-resident guests from four to one per resident cardholder.
So if you’re bringing friends or family members, only one can come in and the rest of them can watch from over the fences.
The reason the board gave for this change was that they did not want any resident to miss the great shows that they booked.
Michael Breen
Mutual 9
Mutual 9 shareholders welcome the newly elected board members Linda Bryan and Nancy Wheeler.
We look forward to supporting the new board under the leadership of new president Bob Waltz.
Bob has already made several positive changes in how our mutual is governed. With the new board, many more positive changes are coming to our mutual.
Bob Croft
Mutual 9

Historical Society

The Leisure World Historical Society is grateful to Mark Weaver, community facilities manager, who was guest speaker at the group’s recent meeting.
Those who attended had many questions that were answered by Mr. Weaver, who has been a Golden Rain Foundation employee since 1980.
He informed members about such upcoming changes as stop lights, tree removal and upgrades.
The next meeting will be held Aug. 27 and include a root beer float party.
The Historical Society Museum is located in Clubhouse 1. The hours are posted on the door.
For more information about LW history and to view pictures, log on to wwwlwhistory.org

Credits and Kudos

Credits & Kudos must include the writer’s name and mutual, and will be edited for brevity. Mention of a business or service is not an endorsement or recommendation by the LW News or Golden Rain Foundation.

Carol Franz of Mutual 2 thanks Betty Keatley, Mutual 2, who always finds a way to help others in Leisure World.
Mutual 1 resident Lisa Dickson is grateful to Jeanne Morris for inviting her to be a guest at the recent Woman’s Club meeting, where she enjoyed socializing, classical music and refreshments.

Les Cohen’s Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

The California Legislative Action Committee (CAI/CLAC) is part of the Community Associations Institute and is the official voice with legislators and regulators in California state government.
CLAC exists to speak with one voice on legislative and regulatory matters that affect community associations( i.e Golden Rain Foundation), managers and business partners.
It’s made up of a balance of CAI members and appointees from many chapters in the state, including Orange County. The legislation that CLAC monitors, supports or opposes has a direct impact on the community associations.
CLAC reviews all assembly and senate bills that affect California associations. When necessary, it sends a legislative alert encouraging all members to contact their local senate and assembly members.
These three may be of interest to shareholders:
• SB 992. Would prohibit a common interest development from imposing a fine or assessment against an owner for yard maintenance issues related to under-watered plant and lawns during a drought. It passed the senate in the Assembly Housing and Community Development committee.
• AB 1360. Allows a homeowners association in a common interest development to conduct an election via electronic voting. Passed assembly in Senate Judiciary committee.
• AB 2100. Prohibits HOA from imposing a fine or assessment against a member who reduces or eliminates watering of vegetation or lawns during any period during which the governor or local government has declared an emergency due to drought. Passed assembly in Senate Transportation committee.
The 2014-2015 budget bill must be passed by midnight June 15.