Les Cohen’s Outside the Wall Column by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman
Bills (Senate Bill 1214, Anderson and Assembly Bill 311, Gordon) were unanimously approved by their policy committees and await a hearing in the senate and assembly appropriations committees.
The Disabled Citizens Property Tax Postponement Law (PTP) will allow the controller to pay property taxes to county tax collectors on behalf of people over 62 or the disabled who earn less than $39,000 a year. If this legislation is enacted it will improve the sustainability of the program.
After I relocated from Sacramento to Leisure World, the former governor and the legislature eliminated the PTP program, so I prepared a professional petition for shareholders. If they were concerned, they were invited to sign a petition on a day when more than 300 folks turned out. The petition was then sent to our local senate and assembly legislators, the governor and state controller, where it was archived without action.
I also received approval from the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) to record its support for the petition.
Shareholders who choose to exercise their first amendment rights can contact state government in support for the bills:
The Honorable Travis Allen-assemblymember.Allen@assembly.ca.gov (AB 2311); The Honorable Lou Correa-senator.correa@senate.ca.gov for SB 1214.
Whether you support the legislation because it may benefit you or others, the choice is yours.

Mike Levitt’s Council Comments Column

Since writing my recent Council Comments column, I’ve been provided with additional advice and suggestions by Long Beach Animal Care Services on how to deal with coyotes in Leisure World.
Here is the second most important lesson to learn:
If you and a coyote happen to meet up somewhere, make that creature feel unloved and unwanted. Wave your arms to look bigger and yell at it.
Throw rocks at it. Shake a can filled with rocks. This is what the experts call “hazing,” and it leaves an unhappy image in the coyote’s memory bank. If you’ve done a good job, that coyote will not want to return to that area.
Some readers suggested pepper spray, and that can work. But remember that old adage: never spit into the wind. If even the slightest breeze is blowing toward you, you’ll be the one coughin’ and sneezin’ and wheezin’ and crying. The coyote will be laughin’!
The third most important lesson: Do not corner a coyote in a laundry room or enclosed patio. When cornered, it will try to escape and might feel threatened enough to attack you. Instead, close the door, and immediately call Long Beach Animal Services at 570-7387.
The most important lesson, especially for those residents with pets: A coyote’s favorite meal is rabbit. With the occasional side dish of long-tail rodent. However, if your pet dog or house cat is running loose, at the wrong time and in the wrong place, and it’s slower than the nearest rabbit, well...
Seal Beach, Long Beach and your’s truly are working to eliminate this problem. It will probably require the cooperation of the Orange County Flood Control District and U.S. Dept. of the Navy. Meaning, don’t expect any results any time soon. But we are not giving up, so you shouldn’t either.
Walking the perimeter of the RV Lot fence line where coyotes have been seen, I spotted a drain pipe opening under the fence. It was such a perfect entrance from the drainage channel that I’m surprised there wasn’t a cautionary “Coyote Crossing “ sign already in place. I only had to mention it once, and the RV Lot members immediately placed rebar in the opening.
By the way, I do not advocate shooting coyotes with BB guns. (One resident thought I was lamenting the illegality of air guns when discouraging coyotes from hanging around.)

Letter to the Editor

Each year, Mutual 17 makes an effort to help with the U.S.P.S. food drive to benefit those less fortunate than others.
Unfortunately there are those who take advantage and help themselves (actually steal) the food left in the lobby before the letter carrier arrives.
I called the post office and spoke with the coordinator. Next year we have to make different arrangements for our mutual since these thefts also occurred last year. I don’t know if that has happened in other mutuals, but it’s too bad that some people have no shame.
Norma Poe
Mutual 17

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Lisa A. Dickson of Mutual 1 is grateful to maintenance man Conrad Giacommazi, for doing a fine job fixing her bathroom sink so she could use it with ease.