Obituaries Space is available for obituaries of residents and former residents.
• An “In Memoriam” column is available free of charge. Limited to name, mutual number and date of death.
• An obituary with or without photo is available free of charge for the first 250 words. Additional words will be charged at the rate of 20¢ per word. Notices written by the news staff will be free and no more than 250 words.
• Notices from mortuaries and non-GRF members will be printed exactly as submitted and charged at the non-member classified advertising rate, $10.45 for the first 12 words and 20¢ for each additional word.
• Bordered, decorative obituaries and eulogies are available in any size at the prevailing display advertising rate.
• Obituaries may be published as news articles when the person has been a member of the Golden Rain Foundation Board of Directors, or when, in the opinion of the managing editor, the passing of a person is newsworthy to a sufficiently large number of GRF members.
• A “Card of Thanks” section is available in the classified section of the News at the member classified advertising rate, $6.60 for the first 12 words and 20¢ per word thereafter, for persons wanting to express their thanks for help during bereavement, sickness, etc.
In Memoriam
Moeun Tim 73
Warren Hildebrandt 77
Kenneth Newton 90
Howard Lords 63
Patricia Brandenberger 49
Catherine Ann McMann 77
Yau Sang Wong 79
William Wilbanks 72
Teresa Ramirez 55
Sofija Vukcevich 95
Gus Giannikas 82
Ward Mitchell 66
Laverne Eveland 73
George Jones Jr. 70
Beverly Georgeson 83
Barbara Trevorrow 67
Anita Orlando 86
Families assisted by
McKenzie Mortuary,
—paid obituary