Fujio Norihiro was low over-the-field gross winner in last week’s Leisure World Men’s Golf Club tournament with a score of 53.
No one claimed the ever-growing hole-in-one pot.
Seventy-one golfers tried to cash in on the circle holes, but out of 284 attempts, only five were successful.
Merle McGee’s 4-foot-8-inch shot gave him closest-to-the-pin prize on cup 8. Roger Addie’s one-foot shot was good for the winning prize on the 17th hole.
All results are net.
Walt Bier’s 51 tied Fujio Noriiro for first place in the low-handicap first flight. Merle McGee was second at 52, followed by Rick Lingenfelter, 53; A. E. Kim and Dong Lee, tied at 54; and Jung Joo, 55, for fifth.
Larry Hillhouse’s card showed 51 strokes to win the second flight. Jim Dickerson and Bob Barnum tied for second at 53, followed by Bob Barisoff and Jay Kim, 55; and Harold Van Otterloo, 57.
Kurt Bourhenne and tournament director Harry Konishi tied for low net of the day, 50, in winning the third flight. Ron Pine, 51; was second, followed by Ron Watson, 53; Steve Moody, A wt Salazar and Frank Snee, knotted at 54; and Manny Miranda, 55.
Mike Glance led the way onto the prize list for the fourth flight with his 51. Ken Goettsch, 55; was second, followed by Frank Shramek, Marv Jones and Bob Looney tied at 58 for fourth.
In recent holes-in-one, Kisook Kim aced the sixth cup Jan. 31, according to Sheila Jeon, E. K. Kim and K.W. Jeon.
Mary Park caught the second hole Feb. 6 as seen by Young Shin.
Phil Nguyen hit the second hole Feb. 8. Witnesses were Mike Glance and Carl Wiggins.
– Jim Kaspar

Bowling Club

Very Striking extended its lead in the Bowling Club League standings by winning three games from LWWW last week.  Connie Terry of Very Striking had a 187 game and 499 series and teammate Ed Milbrandt had a 193 and 525. Tony Dodero of LWWW had a 195 and 525.
The second place Misfits lost three games to Shudabin although Frank Tripoli had a 205 and 552. Four/Before won three from We R the 1. 
Hit or Miss connected by sweeping Just Lucky with a 2,403 team series.
Crazy Eights won three from Its a JJIP behind Linda Peters’ 175 game and 647 series with handicap.
Keep Bowling won three from Keglers Four as Michel Bond had a 214 game and 541 series.  In the second game, Keglers Four had a 930 game with handicap and 769 scratch, both league highs. In that game Harold Van Otterloo had a 193; Sharon Van Otterloo a 201 and Ned Sprow a 234, yet they lost three games.

Poker Club

y Margaret Gillon
LW contributor

Tournament Poker Club President Susan Dodson won the month’s second tournament Feb. 15, with an ace-high straight, outdueling treasurer Grace Buster. Dealer of the final table was Tournament Director Ken Goettsch. Both players felt they had a strong hand when Grace was dealt two cards, an ace and 9, and Susan was dealt a jack and king. Both bet all their chips on the hand.
When the common cards had all been dealt, Grace had a pair of aces. Susan had a higher hand because the cards in her hand and three of the common cards on the board gave Susan an ace high straight (10-J-Q-K-A).
Before retirement, Susan was a teacher. She and husband, Bob, have lived in Mutual 7 for more than 20 years.
Susan’s great joy is taking care of Bob, who is a singer/entertainer. Her hobbies are the TPC, gardening in the mini-farm, reading, playing cards, cooking, and solving Sudoku puzzles.
Tournament high hands were George Elias with AAAAK and Ben Choi with AAAAQ.
For more information on a new series of poker classes the club will be giving in March and April, go to www.LWPoker.org

Sports Scoreboard

Fun Time Pinochle Club w
inners Feb 24: Joyce Underhill,14,080; Edith Pokorny, 12,500; Marilyn Allred, 11,830; Tony Dodero, 11,720. Feb. 17 winners: Richard Van Wasshnova, 13,030; Marilyn Allred,12,090; Gracie Finnegan, 10,710; Sunne Mahood, 10,080. For more information, call Diane Van Wasshnova at 430-6590.
– Richard Van Wasshnova
Jolly Time Pinochle Club winners from Feb. 22: Cynthia Choate, 12,270; Edith Pokorny, 12,010; Pat Witt, 11,570; Peg Kaspar, 10,740. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Peg Kaspar, 799-0433.
– Peg Kaspar
Burning Tree Duplicate Bridge Club (ACBL) winners of the afternoon pairs session Feb. 22: Strat A: First NS: Fern and Hank Dunbar; second in Strat A, first in Strat B: Joan and Ted Weiber, third in Strat A, second in Strat B and first in Strat C: Betty Scharf -Rufo Robinson. EW: First in Strat A: Diane Sach-Marilyn McClintock; second in Strat A, first in Strat B and first in Strat C: George Koehm-Jack Dampman; third in Strat A and second in Strat B: Joyce Basch-Thuan Gwynn. Winners of the pairs session Feb. 21. First in Strats A, B: and C: Betty Scharf-Rufo Robinson; second in Strat A: Bee Kinman-Lois Abramson; third in Strat A: Ruth Kaller-Linda Carder; fourth in Strat A: Sue Fardette-Judy Johnson; second in Strat B: Joan and Ted Wieber. EW : First in Strats A, B: and C: Joyce Basch-Thuan Gwynn; second in Strats A, B, and C: Cookie Pham-Chuck Cutchshaw; third in Strat A: Howard Smith-Sharon Beran; fourth in Strat A and third in Strat B: Ken Branch-Billie Quinette. Games are played at 12:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. Players are requested to arrive by 12:15, or if a partner is needed by noon, and every effort will be made to find one. For reservations or cancellations on Friday or Saturday, call Jaye Woodington at 799-1089. After noon, call Clubhouse 1 at 431-6586, ext. 381. Director Friday was Bud Parish, Saturday was Emma Trepinski.
– Sharon Beran
Leisure World Duplicate Bridge Club overall winners in the unit-rated game Feb. 20: Strat A: First in Strat A, Bee Kinman-Dorothy Favre; second in Strat A, Bill Linskey-Eileen Nelsen; third in strat A and first in Strat B, Norma Krueger-Carmen Gross; fourth in Strat A and second in Strat B, Dotty and Lou Guthman; fifth in Strat A, third in Strat B and first in Strat C, Chie Wickham-Sally Fenton; tied for sixth in Strat A between Ron McClintock-Harshad Vora and Jane and Tom Gibbons (also fourth in strat B); second in Strat C, Donna and Jim Shaffer. Feb. 17 winners: North/South: First in Strat A, Bee Kinman-Verna Burns; second in Strat A, Bill Linskey-Larry Slutsky; third in Strat A and first in strat B, Sue Fardette-Vince Remedios; fourth in strat A, second in Strat B and first in Strat C, Midge Dunagan-Lynn Danielson; tied for fifth in Strat A and third in Strat B, John Chang-Jeanette Estill and Richard Norris-Ron Yaffee (also second in Strat C). East/West: First in Strats A and B, Judy Carter-Johnson-Joyce Henderson; second in Strats A and B, Monica Gettis-Claudette Barrack; third in Strats A and B, Norma Krueger-Carmen Gross; fourth in Strat A, Sharon Beran-Joan Tschirki; fifth in Strat A, fourth in Strat B and first in Strat C, Sylvia Kaprelyan-Stan Blitz. Second in Strat C, Bob Lofstrom-Howard Smith. Games are played Monday and Thursday afternoons in the Clubhouse 3, lobby, beginning at 12:30 p.m. Players are asked to arrived by 12:15 p.m. to confirm reservations or by noon without a partner. To make or cancel reservations on Mondays, call Midge Dunagan at 594-9698; on Thursdays, call Cookie Pham at 431-6453. To cancel a reservation on game day or report you are running late, call 481-7368 between noon-1 p.m.
– Gene Yaffee

Friendly Pinochle Club games Feb. 20: Wilma Randall, 11,580; Al Bonnema, 11,420; Tony Dodero, 11,150; Jean Beasley, 10,930. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Thursdays in Clubhouse 1.
–Peg Kaspar
Progressive Bridge Club
games Feb. 18: Dorothy Krauss, Pauline Fitzsimons, Phyllis Kale. Feb. 11 games: Evelyn Smith, Pauline Fitzsimons, Carol Olsen. Games begin at 4:45 p.m., in Clubhouse 1. All bridge players are invited and should plan to arrive between 4:30-5 p.m., with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807.
– Dave Tubbs
Mid-Day Bridge Club games Feb. 17: Pauline Fitzsimons, Phyllis Kale, Mary Nell Clark. Feb. 10 games; Phyllis Kale, Bob Priest, Emily Moubassaly. Games begin at 11:45 a.m. in Clubhouse 1. Bridge players are invited and should arrive between 11:45-noon, with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807.
– Dave Tubbs
Ladies Golf Club

Fifty-three members of the Ladies Golf Club took to the local course Feb. 18 for a game of low net and putts. Winners:
Flight A: Low net: Tie between Ann Tran and Sun Lee, 23. Low putts: Gee Gee Kwak, 11.
Flight B: Low net: Tie between Barbara Timberlake and Sadie Oh, 22. Low putts: Tie between Barbara Timberlake and Sheila Jeon, 11.
Flight C: Low net: Carol Piepenberg, 21. Low putts: Sandra de Dubovay, 12.
Flight D: Low net: Josie Sanchez, 20. Low putts: Josie Sanchez, 13.
The next meeting will be held March 3 in Clubhouse 3. Room 1. A social gathering begins at 10 a.m., and the meeting, 10:30.
– Linda Herman

Chess Club

This week’s puzzle: White moves first and for any answer by black, the white’s next move is checkmate. Answers, page 29.
Chess partners are available when the Leisure World Chess Club meets from 2-8 p.m., Fridays, in Clubhouse 3, Room 7. Beginners are welcome for free lessons.

Solution to this week’s puzzle: Bg6. The white bishop moves from h7 to g6. Any answer by black, the white’s next move is checkmate.

Cribbage Club
Just one point removed from a perfect game, Nancy Demery turned in an 846 score to finish first at the Feb. 18 meeting of the Cribbage Club. Patti Smith, club president, was close behind at 844, followed by Peggy McKendrick, 838, and Jackie McReynolds and Al Bonnema, tied at 837.
Sandra deDubovay and Gene Smith, club vice president, tied with six 121s to win consolation prizes for fifth place.
Joe DiDonato did not win any games, but received a consolation prize.
John Loasby joined the club and Eileen Bowdish rejoined.
The mid-term luncheon featured sandwiches, cabbage salad and decorated pink cupcakes from Alma Zamzow for her Feb. 15 birthday. She also brought nuts and pretzels with pink frosting.
Howard Richcreek provided cupcakes.
Patti Smith and Pat Swope decorated the hall for Valentine’s Day in red heart place mats and each table also had a red centerpiece and candy.
The club meets at noon, Tuesdays, in Clubhouse 1, and new members are welcome.
Newcomers are invited to come at 12:30 to play with others or arrive at noon to claim a table. A table is guaranteed to those who qualify and arrive by 12:10 p.m.  Partners are not needed.
Seven games are played and most players finish by 3:30 p.m.
To learn the game or brush up, people can schedule lessons for one hour at 11 a.m. before the meetings by calling Patti Smith, 242-4674.
– Carlene LeCocq

Pool & Billiards Club

Eight teams took part in the monthly pool tournament and played 8-ball with alternating shots by partners. Five rounds were played and the opponents’ balls left on table at the end of the game as bonus points for a tie-breaker.
  After two rounds, two teams had 2-0 records. After three rounds, six teams were 2-1 and two others had three losses. After four games, Raffy Ramos and partner Ralph Buscher had three wins and seven bonus points. Jane Legus and Ted Bailey had three wins and no bonus points, but to finish first, they needed to win the last game and Ralph and Raffy needed lose. 
Ted and Jane won the fifth game for four wins but Ralph and Raffy also won and had 12 bonus points to zero for Ted and Jane.
Bobby Stringer and Bette Sargent won their last game to wind up third as the only team with three wins. 
Raffy Ramos won a special skills contest involving drawing a ball, using high english and making a variety of bank shots.
March 17, the club will play a 3-6-9 game at 6:30 p.m. in Clubhouse 2.
– Dave Silva

Shuffleboard Club

The Aces topped the Buffalo Shufflers, 12-6, Feb. 21, in the Shuffleboard Club’s Friday League play.
All-game winners for the Aces were Sally Fowler and Sandy Blakesley. The Shufflers welcomed new player Leslie Hill.
All-game winners for the Buffalo Shufflers were Keith Clausen and Leslie Hill.
 On the other lanes, the Raptors conquered the Screaming Eagles, 10-8.
All-game winners for the Raptors were Ruth Bonnema and Milly Larsen.
All-game winners for the Eagles were Teri Nugent and Nhuong Pham.
 Members will have lunch at Marie Callender’s Feb. 28 after league play.
 Practice is held at 2 p.m., Mondays, and 10 a.m. Wednesdays, at Clubhouse 1. New players are invited to attend and learn the game.
 For more information, call Liz Meripol at 537-0318.