Letters to the Editor

Praise goes to all Leisure World residents actively working to conserve water. The state has issued a water supply alert and called for a voluntary reduction in water use by 20 percent.
However, understanding that there is no way to monitor individual water usage within our community, therefore making it impossible to restrict those who seem not to care if water is wasted, we could choose to do nothing.
But I believe there are ways we in LW can control and even prevent the loss of this limited resource.
We can ask our neighbors who hose off their cars, sidewalks, and parking areas to use a broom and bucket rather than a hose for minor clean-up. We can request Gates and Patrol to help with this if necessary.
And lastly, we can ask our mutual boards to instruct our gardening services to cut back watering our lawns (even if it means brown grass).
Cheers to all who are sacrificing in little ways to save water. Renewed efforts to avoid what might well be the most severe drought in 500 years will benefit us all.
Maria Giegerich
Mutual 5

How many traffic injuries and deaths must we have in Leisure World before we get the police to ticket or arrest some of the drivers who think the traffic laws are for someone else?
I was almost hit, three times, crossing St. Andrews Drive at the traffic light.
Once, a garbage truck making a left turn from Golden Rain, barely stopped inches away from running me over in my scooter. I had the green light, and a big flag up high.
Another time, a car making a left turn pulled right in front of me, but I managed to stop in time. And a car making a U-turn at Golden Rain Road, almost ran over me while I was in the crosswalk, with the green light.
It seems that a traffic light would be a safe place to cross, but now, I’m afraid to cross there.
At crosswalks, too many drivers refuse to stop, whether there’s a stop sign, or someone there.
We certainly need police officers to ticket, or arrest these law- breakers.
I don’t know where to start with this problem, but I do hope there is a way for us to have the traffic laws obeyed.

Vicki WatkinsMutual 1

Credits and Kudos

Credits & Kudos must include the writer’s name and mutual, and will be edited for brevity. Mention of a business or service is not an endorsement or recommendation by the LW News or Golden Rain Foundation.

Dorothy Geisler of Mutual 1 thanks Betty Lindley of Mutual 4 for donating a VCR to Colonial Care Center and Community Facilities Manager Mark Weaver on his excellent story in The News on water conservation.
Mutual 4 resident Shirley Kennedy grateful to Kevin Black of the Physical Property Dept. for his efficient and rapid response to her sprinkler problem and Jaime Guerrero, Gates and Patrol chief, for his department’s openness in alerting residents to the coyote problem and his article on suspicious activity within our community.
She thinks that GRF employees like this are very valuable to LW.

Les Cohen’s Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

The California Advocates for Nursing Home reform (CANHR), a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to improving the choices, care and quality of life for California’s long-term care residents is sponsoring, for the 2014 Legislative Session, the Residential Care for the Elderty (RCFE). That is composed of several bills designed to protect the health, safety, transparency and accountability for the state’s RCFE residents.
The package of legislation is designed to strengthen and enhance the ability of the State Department of Social Services Community Licensing Agency to enforce the laws/regulations governing these long-term care facilities.
I am listing only the titles for each proposal. When bill numbers have been assigned I will provide the shareholders brief descriptions of each bill in future columns. The deadline for bill introductions for 2014 is Feb. 22.
l. Consumer information system
2. Inspections/evaluatons
3. Responding to consumer complaints
4. Increased penalties for violations
5. Ban on admissions
6. Statutory bill of rights
7. Training/qualificatons RCFE staffs
8. Suspension/revocation of licenses
9. Licensee ownership disclosure
10. Staffing for higher acuity
11. Resident and family councils.
12. RCFE liability insurance.
The last two measures are sponsored by related/allied organizations.