Letters to the Editor

Water conservation tip: I noticed that my toilet would re-fill off and on during the night on its own. I replaced the toilet tank flapper, and it fixed the problem. A very simple fix for about $5.
Has the GRF or any of the mutuals done any studies on replacing the grass in LW with artificial turf? That could be a triple bonus because we could save “big bucks” on water, sprinkler repairs and gardening.
Those of you that think that fake grass is “tacky,” check out the $10.9 million waterfront listing at 55 Vista Del Golfo on Naples Island, Long Beach. Take a look and touch the front lawn.
Ron Nett
Mutual 8
My wife and I are new to Leisure World where many people don’t drive well. Vicki Watkins’ letter (The News Feb. 13) and two recent incidents led to this letter.
Recently I was driving on Golden Rain Road, and the woman in front of me was doing 44 miles an hour and never slowed down. When I was coming back on Golden Rain, a man was following me so close I couldn’t see his windshield wipers in my rear view mirror. I told him there was no reason to follow that close. His response was “you stopped.” I did because there was a stop sign. “I don’t care,” he said.
I told him there were driving regulations that must be followed. “You’re not a cop,” he replied. True, but we do have security. It’s my understanding that Gates and Patrol can only issue a warning, not a citation because this is private property.
What you can do, however, is restrict someone from driving on private property. First several stops would be warnings. If the individual continues after a couple of warnings their driving privileges would be suspended for one month. A second offense would be a six-month suspension. Any continued violations would result in permanent suspension of driving privileges on LW property.
Before the intersection at Golden Rain Road and St. Andrews Drive was re-striped I told the Golden Rain Foundation that the striping was incorrect. All other intersections that allow U-turns are striped properly. I think that intersection presents a serious liability to the community.
Warner Tappan
Mutual 2
I do not want to be ugly or mean, but the Great Songs Concert, sponsored by the Leisure World club Valentino & Friends, on Jan. 16 was a big disappointment.
Pianist Barbara McElhaney did a good job, especially on Glen Miller’s “In the Mood.” I only heard a couple of “great songs.” Mike Viele, a Dean Martin impressionist, had a lovely voice, but I did not see any Dean Martin coming out. A guitarist played a couple of songs, which I was unfamiliar with.
I am sorry to say that Valentino Perry’s singing missed the mark. He was off key and could not remember the words. This was presented in the Leisure World paper as a quality performance, but to give it a grade scale, it was a D-.
Karl and Elizabeth Myers
Mutual 4
Outside the Wall Column

by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15
Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman

Last week the senate human services and assembly human services committees held a joint fact finding hearing on increasing accountability in assisted living facilities, including state oversight of care in Residential Care Facilities For The Elderly (RCFE).
Legislators were told by more than 15 professionals representing a cross section of the senior health care industry that there is a compelling need for sweeping changes and increased funding for the 7,400 assisted living homes in California.
The Department of Social Services reported that the governor’s 2014-15 budget proposed an additional $7.5 million and 71-1/2 new positions for Community Care Licensing (CCL) to strengthen oversight of the care homes statewide.
According to the State Long Term Care Ombudsman (SLTCO) Orange County has 902 assisted living facilities under the jurisdiction of the Council on Aging pursuant to the Older Americans Act.
The primary function is to identify, investigate and resolve complaints from residents and or families, including abuse and neglect for the elderly residents. SLTCO suggested increasing and strengthening staffing requirements; increased training for caregivers; increased frequency of licensing staff visits; increased authority to suspend licenses where violations occur; additional funding for local ombudsman programs; and increasing licensing staff, including legal division.
Next week, Leisure World shareholders who have family, friends, or neighbors in assisted-living facilities will have an opportunity to see summaries of bills introduced from the RCFE Reform Act of 2014 briefly reported Feb. 13 in the OTW column.
If concerned, LWers can exercise their first amendment constitutional rights to send comments to the Seal Beach legislators.