Letters to The Editor

With postage now 49 cents per letter/bill more, residents might want to start using the “white mail boxes.” There is a disclaimer on them about not being responsible, etc. This is a warning: It took 15 business days for my last Verizon payment to reach its destination.
I put it in the white box by Clubhouse 3 before noon on a Monday, and it didn’t arrive until three-plus weeks later. Yes, it was delinquent.
Fortunately, I wasn’t charged a delinquent fee. It had always taken seven-to-10 days for it, and my Edison payment to arrive at the appropriate offices, so I always made sure I allowed extra timne, but this was ridiclous.
To me, it isn’t worth saving the 49 cents and taking a chance on the payment being delinquent, plus the anxiety of getting the past due notice. I am using the U.S. postal box from now on.
Gene Yaffee
Mutual 15
Editor’s note: All the “white mail boxes” in the community are carefully emptied each day by the Distribution staff at approximately 8:30 a.m. All the mail is then brought to the Distribution Office where it is sorted by carrying charge payments, Edison payments, and Verizon payments. It is all then taken to the Finance Office by 9:15 a.m. where all carrying charge payments and Edison payments are processed on site and all Verizon mail is placed in one envelope and mailed directly to Verizon’s payment center each day via the U.S. Postal Service. There is never any mail left behind in the white mail boxes, the distribution office, or the Finance office.

Each time I turn to enter the main gate of LW and make the right turn onto Del Monte I am quickly reminded of the new plantings adorning the bay ends of Mutual 15’s parking building facing Del Monte.
Months ago when the old bushes were removed and the renovation and planting took place, few of us had any idea what was in store for us who travel Del Monte almost daily.
 Watching the artistry of these gardens, in two designs, and the choices of color changing shrubs  and design arrangement, including a graceful rock stream going though drought tolerant gardens, is lovely, a joy to watch.
 If it is not your “traveled path” and you come to take special notice, don’t miss the seal statue that also welcomes you in the first garden.
 My congratulations and thanks to Mutual 15 .
Eve Magnus
Mutual 1
In Mutual 10 on Sunday, Jan. 26, at about noon, I put a load of freshly-washed laundry into a dryer and set my timer to ring after 45 minutes as posted. My timer rang 45 minutes later and I returned to pick up my laundry from the dryer and found that some moron had removed it and filled the dryer with their own load. Fortunately, for them my load was already dry, so there was no reason for me to stop the dryer, pull their wet laundry out, and dump it into the trash bucket which I was tempted to do because of their audacity in removing my load.
Even then, there is a grace period of an additional 35 minutes after the original 45 for the first person to legitimately take care of his or her own load. Only after that 35 minutes has elapsed following the completed cycle is anyone permitted to empty someone else’s load.
Residents should read the notices posted on the laundry room wall. No one is allowed to remove other people’s laundry until 35 minutes has expired after the machine finishes its normal timed function.
Patrick Coffee
Mutual 10
GAF Column

by Anna Derby
LW contributor

Frank and Joan Shramek just can’t help volunteering to assist their neighbors.
The Golden Age Foundation has been the focus of many of their efforts over the past two decades. Frank works with the Mobility Aids program, one of the most frequently used and appreciated GAF services.
Through that program, Leisure World residents can request free wheelchairs and walkers by calling 431-9589. Frank and other GAF volunteers deliver mobility aids to individual apartments on loan.
In the mobility aids office at the west end of Clubhouse 6, mobility aids are maintained and repaired as needed.
Frank also is responsible for the GAF Environmental program. He collects and recycles used batteries left in plastic containers at the Golden Rain News office and the Hospitality Center.
Fluorescent light bulbs are collected at the Golden Rain Purchasing Department. GAF pays for recycling at a state-approved collection site.
In 1999, Joan and the late Fran Barisoff started a Hospitality Center in the Clubhouse 3 Lobby, serving about 35 guests a day. When Clubhouse 6 was completed, the Hospitality Center moved there and blossomed into the great meeting place it is today.
Joan was the Hospitality Center chairperson for the next several years. She was GAFpPresident for four years and contributed to making ideas turn into some projects shareholders enjoy today.
Joan was also a volunteer at the LW Health Care Center for several years, greeting and helping patients.
In her “spare time,” she has crocheted more than 500 blankets for hospitalized veterans. She also enjoys writing stories for the News on several clubs here.
Frank and Joan moved to Leisure World as Mutual 12 residents 26 years ago. Frank retired in 1990 after 37 years with Texaco.
The Shrameks were avid recreational vehicle enthusiasts for many years. Their favorite trip was spending seven weeks in Alaska. They worked summers at a fishing resort in Bridgeport, Calif., for several years before deciding to “pack it in” and spend more time in LW.
Church has always been a central part of their lives, and they have served their church communities in several capacities.
They call Assembly of God their church home and love their friends and pastors there. Joan loves to sing on occasion.
Frank and Joan will celebrate 60 years of marriage this year.
Their daughter Shelley is a schoolteacher and son Franklin (Butch) is on the administrative staff of Providence Hospitals.
Frank and Joan have three grandsons, one granddaughter, and three great grandchildren.
Frank can be seen often walking his cat, Miss Patience, on a leash around their green belt several times a day.
Frank and Joan feel blessed to have a place to call home in such a peaceful and secure environment where they can use their time and talents through GAF and other volunteer programs to help others.

Member Column
by Flo Dartt
Mutual 14

I thought it would be nice to start the new year by thanking and praising the Golden Rain Foundation board for the good things they do for us.
This is my Top 10 list and not everyone may agree with it. It is only GRF and mutual items. It lists things I appreciate:
10. The casket flags that are flown throughout LW.
9. The holiday tour of lights throughout LW using one of the buses. Last December was the second year and I hope it continues and becomes even more successful.
8. The Ampitheater shows in the summer, especially the Nelson Brothers this past year.
7. The weekday crossing guard on St. Andrews Drive near the swimming pool.
6. The one lane on Golden Rain Road and the way it is striped. While I recognize that there are issues here, I like it as a driver.
5. New blue chairs! I hope five of them will be assigned to Clubhouse 4 where I attend Saturday morning dance class.
4. I’m glad to see more women on the GRF board; the current count is nine women and nine men.
3. Remodeling the Administration Building conference room. I spend time there observing committee meetings and appreciate the new microphones, screens, furniture, and yes, the clocks.
2. Property taxes paid on time as I’m sure our upcoming February payment will be.
1. The most important one of all is the Trust Extension passed. Thanks to everyone who worked on it to make it happen.