Britannia Club

New Year’s party is on tap Jan. 9

The Britannia Club had its delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner meetings and is ready for the Jan. 9 New Year’s party meeting, where all is not too calm, but all is bright. Members are asked to bring finger foods, party snacks and “spirits” of choice.

At the December meeting members had elaborate decorations, wore lots of red and Christmas bling, had a great dinner and sang carols. Joan Stiehl was invited to receive the many gifts for her shelter. She and Marion Dodd again gave thanks to the club’s generous members.

Irene Cook, Nancy Floyd, Frank Davies and Rick Onorato’s birthdays were acknowledged, and Esther Pryor won the 50/50. Get-wells wishes were sent to Irene, Jennifer Hamid and Kathleen Crofts.

After stuffing themselves, members ended the meeting singing carols, sharing hugs and wishing each other happy holidays.

Many thanks to Eric and Marion Dodd for another year of fun.

—Shirley Rinaldi



Simbang Gabi brought reassuring Christmas message

The Filipino Association of Leisure World held its traditional Simbang Gabi (Midnight Mass) in Clubhouse 1 on Dec. 22.

Fr. Freddy Fajardo, a Filipino priest from nearby Holy Family Catholic Church of Cerritos, talked about the simple but powerful idea of trust in his homily. Fr. Fajardo emphasized the three kinds of trusts that ought to practiced in daily lives: 1) trust in God, 2) trust in our fellow men, and 3) trust in ourselves. Father Freddie, as members know him, delivered a very reassuring message about the meaning of Christmas with spiritual seriousness and humor to capture the undivided attention of the faithful.

Given the prevailing chaotic conditions in the world today, such as devastating natural disasters, random killings, wars, and other man-made and induced calamities, the message was indeed reassuring, and sorely needed reminders to all.

FALW’s members and guests were feted with traditional Filipino dishes and festive and native delicacies generously contributed by the members. Dancing followed, including the popular line dance, after the Mass and sumptuous meal. The merriment concluded with karaoke-style singing by several members, to the delight of the audience, some of whom were seemingly reluctant to end the pleasant evening.

—Vic Gendrano



Language Class

Classes for foreign speakers starts

Kuniko Okamoto, Mutual 2, is starting a class for foreign language speakers and stroke recovery patients to improve grammar and clarify of speech including accent reduction. The first class is Tuesday, Jan. 14, from 10-11:30 a.m., in Clubhouse 3, Room 7.

There will be a minimal charge for copies of lessons and teacher preparation each week.

Kuniko understands the problems of foreign language speakers and the frustration of not being understood.

Kuniko’s first languages were Japanese and Hawaiian “Pidgeon” English. She taught herself to acquire correct English and accents. She has extensive background as pathologist of language/speech, and wants to share her talent with those in the community that would like to improve their language skill.

Kuniko’s husband, Howard Okamoto, will be assisting her with the classes. They have been married for 55 years and have three children and four grandchildren.

He is a third-generation American of Japanese ancestry, born in Salinas, Calif. He grew up in the Salinas Valley until he was interned in America’s Concentration Camp for 3-1/2 years, because he has more than 1/16 Japanese blood. After camp, the family relocated to Utah, where he finished his schooling, became a Eagle Scout and graduated from the University of Utah with a BSEE, and MSEE. He was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Signal Corp.

The Okamotos moved to Leisure World in June 2013 and joined to Sunshine Club in August.

Sunshine Club of LW is sponsoring this community service class. For more information, call Anna Derby, 598-6796.

—Anna Derby


Yiddish Club

Humor is topic tonight in CH 3

The Yiddish Club of Leisure world will meet tonight, Jan. 2, in Clubhouse 3, Room 2, at 7.

The topic is “Jewish Humor,—The oldest humor know to Man.”

After new Yiddish words and proverbs are introduced, the club president will talk about Jewish humor and the creation of Yiddish humorous writers. Stories by Sholem Alecychem and M. Nadir will be recited. Anecdotes and jokes with be presented.

Refreshments will be served after the program.


Sunshine Club

Class meetings resume Friday

After a couple weeks being dark, the Sunshine Club resumes its meetings on Friday, Jan. 3, in Clubhouse 3, Room 8. The group will catch up on current events in the community and help with everyday living in Leisure World. The Trust Extension ballot, sent out the first week of November, will be the topic.

It is an English-speaking class; all ethnic shareholders are welcome to attend. No membership is required. Refreshment are provided.

As Leisure World residents, the organizers consider the GRF News a treasure of information that enhances living in LW, with information on activities, various events, beneficial classes and opportunities to learn about different cultures. It also provides information on GRF rules and regulations.

The class uses the weekly GRF News as textbook and discusses the news, columns, the minutes of the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and President’s Council, etc.

— Anna Derby


Schmooze Club

‘Our Town’ is topic Jan. 14

The Schmooze Club will present Janeice McConnell on Tuesday, Jan. 14, for a special program honoring the play “Our Town.”

Janeice is a dynamic speaker, an avid theater-goer, former teacher, member of the Peace Corps and the action chair of the League of Women Voters.

Come and enjoy her talk and reading from the play.

“Schmoozing,” socializing, begins at 10 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 9, followed by the program at 10:30.

There is no cost to attend and all LWers and their guests are welcome. An RSVP to Evelyn Glick, 598-2022, is required by Sunday, Jan. 13 to plan for the homemade chicken soup, “meal in a bowl,” that is being served.

Donations are gratefully accepted.

—Darlene Rose