GAF—Volunteers Luncheon 2014

The Golden Age Foundation held its 16th annual volunteer appreciation luncheon on June 26, attended by over 160 volunteers and members of GAF. DLD Insurance Brokers, Inc., represented by President and CEO Dana Dowers, sponsored the “Thanks A Million” lunch to recognize and honor GAF’s volunteers.

GRF President Ronde Winkler presented GAF President Joyce Vlaic with a check for $400, proceeds from the Centenarian Luncheon held in April. GRF Communications Committee chair Betty Coven, who spearheaded the luncheon, and GRF board member Pay Lay Wilson, who chaired the luncheon committee, were thanked for the work they did to honor LW’s 22 centenarians.

After a festive luncheon and a words of gratitude from GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny, the following volunteers were recognized:

•Flu Clinic: 100 hours: Maureen Habel

•Hospitality: 100 hours: Millie Woods, Eve Carmona, Joyce Payne, Sue Park, Charlote Jaeger-Hudson, Deane Cox; 200 hours: Sandra Massa-Lavitt; 400 hours: June Panusis, Dottie Dickerson, Anat Ben Aziz; 500 hours: Mickey Keswick, Tanny DeSmit, Joyce Crocket; 600 hours: Lucy Fitch; 900 hours: Betty West; 3,500 hours: Elsie Terborg; 5,000 hours: Lita Lewis; 5,500 hours: Joe Capra

•Lifeline: 100 hours: Jean Watkins, Kip Watkins; 300 hours: Margaret Humes; 1,000 hours: Joyce Reed; 2,000 hours, Cherrie Green

•Tax Assistance Program: 100 hours: Margaret Smith, Roberta Straley, Kim Nguyen; 200 hours: Sylvia Klebe, Jim Gilbert, Gum Kim; 300 hours: Joanie Jianto, Bert Thompson; 500 hours: Carol Price; 600 hours: Lou Pass; 1,000 hours: Ken Cude

Linda Johnson, who has run the hospitality program for many years; Helen Kayser, longtime head of the tax program; and Joan and Frank Shramek, who oversee the Mobility Aids program; received special recognition for their hard work.

Members elected the following officers to serve for the 2014-15 term: Maureen Habel, president; Carole Domaci, vice president; Carol Pipenburg, recording secretary; Mary Wood, treasurer and Lynn Lieder, corresponding secretary.

Donations and bequests, which are tax-deductible, fund this non-profit foundation. Thanks to all shareholders who support the GAF, financially and by giving time and service.

The luncheon was especially festive with “Thanks Million” red and blue and white since it was so close to Fourth of July. Thanks to the talents of Gail Levitt, chairperson, Carol Pipenburg, co-chairperson and their talented and energetic decorating committee: Gui Baker, Joyce Vlaic, Linda Johnson, Marge Dodero, Maureen Habel, Phyllis Mackey, Sandra Massa-Lavitt, Ren Villanueva and Anna Derby.

The tickets and programs were produced by Gail Levitt and Ren Villanueva.

PHOTO—DLD Insurance Brokers, Inc. sponsored the GAF’s “Thanks A Million” luncheon. Representing the company were Richard Tyznik (l-r), Sandra Sikora, Tim Brown, Maria Sanducci, Dana Dowers, president and CEO, and Jay Manning.

PHOTO— Luncheon co-chairs were Carol Piepenburg (left) and Gail Levitt.

PHOTO— 2014-14 GAF BOARD OF DIRECTORS are Mary Wood, treasurer (l-r), Maureen Habel, president; Carole Domaci, vice president; Carol Pipenburg, recording secretary; and Lynn Lieder, corresponding secretary.

PHOTO— GRF President Ronde Winkler presents a check to GAF President Joyce Vlaic, proceeds from the Centenarian Luncheon.

PHOTO— GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny is flanked by new GAF President Maureen Habel (left)and outgoing president Joyce Vlaic.

PHOTO— Joan and Frank Shramek (l-r), Helen Kayser and Linda Johnson were given special recognition for their many years of service in various GAF programs.

PHOTO— GAF Emeritus member Shirley Burns, who is also a past GRF board director, attended the luncheon.

PHOTO— Joe Capra logged 5,500 hours.

PHOTO—Elsie Terborg gave 3,500 hours.

PHOTO— Lita Lewis logged 5,000 hours.