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Cards and Games Scores Fun Time Pinochle Club winners from Nov 4: Mary Skelcher, 11,900; Bert Sellers, 11,060; Richard Van Wasshnova, 10,780; Nancy Wheeler, 10,330. The club meets Mondays in Clubhouse 1, starting at noon. For more information, call Diane Van Wasshnova at 430-6590. – Richard Van Wasshnova ••• Jolly Time Pinochle Club winners Nov. 2: Betty Hie, 12,440; Marigan Cogdill, 11,390; Bert Sellers, 11,270; Curly Janus, 11,200. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. For more information, call Peg Kaspar, 799-0433. – Peg Kaspar ••• Burning Tree Duplicate Bridge Club (ACBL) championship game Nov. 2. Overalls: First EW: Joyce Henderson-Colleen Gardner. Second NS: Linda Carder-Jaye Woodington. Second EW: Joyce Basch-Stan Blitz. Third NS: Bee Kinman-Eileen Nelson. Fourth NS: John Wong-Linda Nye. Winners of the afternoon pairs session Nov. 1. Strat A: First NS: Gene Yaffee-Judy Carter Johnson. First EW: Vera Burns-Howard Smith. Second NS: Bee Kinman-Joan Tschirki. Second EW: Tom and Jane Gibbons. Third NS: Sharon Beran-Jaye Woodington. Third EW: Dorothy Favre-Sue Fardette. Strat: B: First NS: Gene Yaffee-Judy Carter Johnson. First EW: Cookie Pham-Chuck Cutchshaw. Second NS: Sharon Beran-Jaye Woodington. Games are played at 12:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays, in Clubhouse 1. Players are requested to arrive by 12:15 p.m. or if a partner is needed by noon, and every effort will be made to fine one. For reservations or cancellations, call Jaye Woodington at 799-1089. After noon, call Clubhouse 1 at 431-6586 ext. 381. Friday director, Bud Parish. Saturday director, Emma Trepinski. – Sharon Beran ••• Y-Rollers Yahtzee Club winners from Nov. 1: Most Yahtzees: Mary Ann Haugen. Highest score: Cheryl Richardson. The next game will be played from 1-4 p.m., Nov. 15, in Clubhouse 3, Room 6. Games are played on the first and third Friday of the month. For more information, call Cheryl Richardson at (951) 488-8219. – Cheryl Richardson ••• Leisure World Duplicate Bridge Club winners of the over-all pairs tournament Oct.31: 1. Sharon Beran-Bud Parish. 2. Emma Trepinski-Kimiko Matsumoto. 3. Ruth Kaller-Midge Dunagan. 4. Bill Linskey-Eileen Nelson. 5. Renee Hoffman-Dalia Hernandez. 6. Judy Carter-Johnson-Gene Yaffee. Strat: B: 1. Sharon Beran-Bud Parish. 2. Emma Trepinski-Kamiko Matsumoto. 3. Rene Hoffman-Dalia Hernandez. 4. Judy Carter-Johnson-Gene Yaffee. 5. Nhuong Pham-Thuan Gwynn. 6. Jean Byer-Sue McHale. Winners of the afternoon pairs session Oct.28: First NS: Howard Smith-Joyce Henserson. Second NS: John Chang-Jeanette Estill. Second EW: Joan Tschirki-Bill Linskey. Third NS: John Wong-Linda Nye. Third EW: Stan Blitz-Dorothy Favre. Fourth NS: Joan and Ted Wieber. Fourth EW: Jane and Tom Gibbons.Fifth NS: Ruth Kaller-Christine Frumen. Fifth EW: Lavonne McQuilkin-Betty Witteried. Strat B: First NS: Howard Smith-Joyce Henderson. First EW: Dale Blessing-Carol Ramseyer. Second NS: Joan and Ted Wieber. Games are played Mondays and Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse 3 Lobby. Players are requested to arrive by 12:15 p.m., or if partners are needed, by noon. For Monday reservations or cancellations, call Midge Dunagan, 594-9698. For Thursday reservations or cancellations, call Cookie Pham, 431-6453. If they cannot be reached, call the directors of the day, Gene Yaffee, Mondays, 430-7040; and Diane Sachs, Thursdays, 493-8638. The annual meeting will be held at 11:45 a.m., Thursday, Nov.14, followed by bridge at 12:30 p.m. – Rhea Scharf ••• Friendly Pinochle Club games from Oct. 31: John Loasby, 12,430; David Turveen, 12,090; Gracie Finnegan, 11,970; Fred Claveau, 11,500. Games are played from noon-4 p.m., Thursdays, Clubhouse 1. – Jim Kaspar ••• Tuesday Bridge Club winners Oct. 29: Evelyn Smith,Ethel Orris, Dorothy Krauss.Games begin at 4:45 p.m., in Clubhouse 1. All bridge players are invited and should plan to arrive between 4:30-5 p.m., with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807. – Dave Tubbs ••• Monday Bridge Club winners from Oct. 28: Phyllis Kale, Mary Nell Clark, Olive Dugas. Games begin at 11:45 a.m. in Clubhouse 1. All bridge players are invited and should arrive between 11:45-noon, with or without a partner. For more information, call Dave Tubbs, 342-9807. – Dave Tubbs Bowling Club Jane Legus took a large lead in the women’s high series with handicap by regaining her form with a 173 game and big 734 series. That will be hard to beat. Her team, the Misfits, won all four games to move into second place behind Very Striking, which won three with team games of 844 and 873. Connie Terry had a 177 and 180 and Dave Silva led the men with a 227 game and 563 series. LWWW also won four games as Keith Clausen had a 199 game and Tony Dodero a 651 series with handicap. Just Lucky swept its match, with Doris Wilson bowling a 209 game and 522 series. Teammate Frank Snee had a 214 and 555 series. – Dave Silva Monday Golf by Jim Dickerson LW contributor   The umbrellas came out for a while Oct. 28 at the David L. Baker course in Fountain Valley, but light rain didn’t keep members of the the Monday Golf Group from shooting low scores. Larry Hillhouse and Jim Dickerson tied for first place in the varsity flight with identical 57s and birdies. Jim had low putts of 30. Third was Paul Cose with a 58, followed by Merle McGee, 59. Paul and Merle had birdies and Merle was closest to the pin on the 12th hole. Rounding out the flight were Bill McKusky, David Johns and Bob Todd. Bob was closest to the pin on No. 3. New member Don McLane posted his second qualifying round. In junior varsity play, Bob Looney won with an excellent 51, the low round of the day on the executive course. He was followed by Ed Dragan, 56; Mauricio Rivero, and Mike Looney. Mauricio and Mike had birds. Rounding out the flight was Rich Miller, Lowell Goltra with low putts of 31, Marv Ballard and Mike Breen. Next play will be Nov. 11 at Riverview. The club welcomes new members. For more information, call 375-6530 Ladies Golf Thirty-five members of the Ladies Golf Club took to the Leisure World course Oct. 29 amid slight drizzle. Play for the day in two tournaments was low gross and low net. Twelve golfers played a nine-hole tournament and 23 others played 18 holes, Tournament, flight winners: Nine-hole tournament: Flight A : Low gross: Linda Herman 31. Low net :Linda Herman, 28. Flight B: Low gross: Mary Lancaster, 33. Low net: Helen Yoon, 28. Flight C: Low gross: Jane Legus, 38. Low net: Barbara Timberlake, 29. Flight D: Low gross: Tie between Evelyn Scherber and Mary Lou Richards, 40. Low net: Ock Im. 18-Hole Tournament Flight A: Low gross: Bert Thompson, 60. Low net: Yvonne Yim, 49. Flight B: Low gross: Tie between Anne Walshe and Lori Owensby, 63. Low net: Jean Cose, 53. Flight C: Low gross: Angela Lee, 69. Low net: Betty Regalado, 52. Flight D: Low gross: Tie between Bertha Barrigan and Kathy Gupton, 77. Low net: Laura Garcia, 55. – Linda Herman Shuffleboard Club The Aces trumped the Raptors, 13-5, Nov. 1, in the Shuffleboard Club’s Friday League play. All-game winners for the Aces were Pat Bennett, Maxine Reardon, Bernice Skoug, Joyce Crockett, and John Loasby. The Raptors had none. In the second game, the Screaming Eagles beat the Buffalo Shufflers, 11-7. The Eagles’ all-game winner was Nhoung Pham. The Buffalo Shufflers had none. ••• The pizza party will be held Nov. 16, from 5:30-9 p.m., in Clubhouse 3, Room 1. The game Left, Right, Center will be played instead of bingo. Those who play are asked to bring $3 in quarters and a $1 bill. For more information on shuffleboard or party, call Liz Meripol at 537 0318. – Kathleen Morrison Friday Golf The Friday Golf Group began play Nov. 1 in chilly weather at Willowick before heating up at the finish. Jim Dickerson continued his dominance in the first flight, carding a 74 for the victory. Merle McGee was second with a 75, followed by Bob Todd, 76. Paul Cose rebounded from his battle in the fourth hole trap to place fourth. Paul Cose, Jim Dickerson and Merle McGee had birds. Tom McCullough won the second flight with a 71, two strokes ahead of Mauricio Rivero. Rich Miller hung on for third at 77 and Lowell Goltra shot 78 for fourth. No birds were made in the second flight. The playoff will be at the Baker course. Closest to the pin winners were Jim Dickerson on the fourth hole and Paul Cose on No. 12. – Merle McGee Tournament Poker Club by Margaret Gillon LW contributor Many people head to the casinos Friday nights with friends, but when they arrive, they head for the slot machines or blackjack tables and never think about poker. Casinos today have Texas Hold ‘em poker tables. Omaha Hi/Lo Poker is also played often. Some casinos have entire poker rooms with thick walls and doors to keep the room quiet so players can concentrate. The Leisure World Tournament Poker Club (TPC) and Hawaiian Gardens Casino will present the year’s second LW Tournament of Poker on Dec. 14. Unlike tournaments in LW, the Hawaiian Gardens tournament event is open to friends and families who want to play together. Three generations often attend the tournament, and it’s not unusual for a few grandchildren to make the final table. For those new to casino poker, the tournament is a great way to get started. The casino provides players with a buffet breakfast. When poker playing begins, casino dealers run the tables and keep the pot right. Floor mangers monitor the tables to settle disputes. The blinds go up quickly, and at a certain point in the tournament, all players must ante (putting an equal amount of money or chips into the pot before the deal begins.) TPC dealers can enjoy playing without having to deal. All-ins are cheered on by table members who have dropped out of the hand and are happy to watch from the sidelines. After playing in tournaments a few times, many people find that the next time they go to a casino they walk ignore the slots and head for the poker room to use the skills acquired at the LW Poker Club. The $15 per person entry fee for the HG Tournament is split between the prize pool and tips. Ten players at the final table and 10 at the runner-up’s table will share in the $1,200 prize pool according to placement. The entry fee will be $20 at the casino the day of the event. Dec. 7 is the last day to buy tickets for $15 and the last day to cancel and receive a refund. Tickets purchased Dec. 14 are non-refundable. To register by mail, send checks for $15 per person made out to the Tournament Poker Club to Cleo Looney, 1150 Northwood Road, 166-F, Seal Beach, CA, 90740. For additional information about the event, call 342-9400. Cribbage Club The Cribbage Club provided a pizza lunch for the 57 members who attended last week’s meeting. The menu also included potato salad, fruit salad, cole slaw and apple pie, thanks to Margaret Smith. Vice President Gene Smith filled in for President Patti Smith. Guests included Juanita Townsand and Paula Loucikes, who will become members in the near future. Mary Greytak won first prize with a score of 843, finishing ahead of Jim Kaspar, 838, Carpenter, 837 and Chuck Nugent, 833. Marian Cogdill and Bev Hocking won consolation prizes for winning six of seven games and not participating in the prize money. The club meets at noon, Tuesdays, in Clubhouse 1 and new members are welcome. Seven games are played, and all players finish around 3:30 p.m. A table is guaranteed to those who qualify and arrive by 12:10. Partners are not needed. To learn the game or brush up, call Patti Smith, club president, at 242-4674. She will schedule teaching for one hour at 11 a.m., before the Tuesday meetings.– Carlene LeCoc Chess Club This week’s puzzle: White moves first and for any answer by black, the white’s next move is checkmate. See answers, page 28. ••• Chess partners are available when the Leisure World Chess Club meets from 2-8 p.m., Fridays, in Clubhouse 3, Room 7. Beginners are welcome for free lessons. The club will hold a silent auction from 2:30-6 p.m., Nov. 22, at Clubhouse 3, Room 7. Everyone is invited. ••• Solution to this week’s puzzle: Qa8. The white Queen moves from a1 to a8. Any answer by black, the white’s next move is check mate. Sierra Club The Long Beach group of the Sierra Club invites shareholders for a four-to-five mile conditioning beach walk at 7 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month at the Environmental Services Bureau, 2929 E. Willow St., Long Beach. Hikers will break into groups so they can find others who can walk their speed. For more information, call 252-4196.