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Letters to the Editor Editor: Letters stating that we have too many safety signs in our community are too narrow-minded and self-serving. We have had at least a couple of deaths in Leisure World, so I believe the signs are very important. Slow down, stop texting and talking on your cellphones, and pay attention to all the signs. If people really want no signs and prefer to drive faster than 25 mph, then just exit the Northgate and continue straight ahead to the freeway. That way you won’t kill or injure one of our own residents. Ron Nett Mutual 8 Editor: Regarding comments (GR News, Oct. 24) about emergency room costs; pedestrians and even people in their own homes sometimes suffer head injuries. According to the writer’s logic, perhaps these people should also be required to wear helmets so they don’t increase medical costs. Freedom comes with costs. I would prefer to “watch put for the other guy” and take my chances. Again, as long as I am not harming someone else, it is my life, my choices, my business. Mike Maher Mutual 3 Editor: I would like to respond to the letter to the editor (GR News, Oct. 24). We need all the stop signs we can get at the Ampitheater crosswalk on St. Andrews Drive, especially above the traffic-calming signs. As someone who lives a half-block away and uses that crosswalk frequently, the entire area between the traffic light at Golden Rain and the Post Office crosswalk is very dangerous. We’ve already had two fatal accidents there. How someone from Mutual 15 can determine a traffic pattern in that area is puzzling. Flo Dartt Mutual 14 Outside the Wall Column by Les H. Cohen, Mutual 15 Legislative Advocate Emeritus/ OC Ombudsman AB 937-Chapter 295 Statutes of 2013 may be of interest to those shareholders who have family and or friends in long term care assisted living facilities.  Essentially, the bill clarifies that a conservatee retains personal rights, including, but not limited to, the right to receive visitors, telephone calls, and personal mail, unless specifically limited by court order or need to be limited to protect conservatees from abuse.  Proponents successfully argued that the bill would resolve a growing problem where conservators, believing they have absolute care, custody, and control over the conservatee, are isolating conservatees and restricting their access to visitor, phone calls and mail. The Legislation was approved by a combined Assembly and Senate total vote of 100-4. Kudos Credits & Kudos must include the writer’s name and mutual, and will be edited for brevity. Mention of a business or service is not an endorsement or recommendation by the LW News or Golden Rain Foundation. Mutual 1 resident Dorothy Geisler is grateful to Penny Anderson of Mutual 2 who reminded shareholders to recycle plastic 1 and 2, paper, cardboard, steel and aluminum. Mrs. Geisler also asked LWers to leave plastic “peanuts” in the sealed box or place them in a plastic bag so they don’t blow away. Opinions Box Opinions expressed in published letters and columns do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the GRF Board of Directors, GRF members, or GRF staff, including staff of this newspaper. Letters are the opinion of the writer and are not routinely checked for accuracy.